World Tour 2011: Posters – FINAL

Here are the posters from 77 (out 79) concert that Roxette did in 2011. 2 which we miss out are the corporate ones, so they just don’t count in 🙂

If you have a different version of posters or billboards below or better quality photos, please share them with us. We’re waiting for your e-mails at

Thanks to Lionel Zaragocin, Evgeny Perekopskiy, Márcia Meira, Soldatos Konstantinos, Dusan Sabol, Christina Röhrs, Emil Ivanov, Ivan Kelava, Barbara Sander, Vinilo Pop, Alexis Rox, Rosina Marmion, Ms. Fredriksson aka Natalie, Steffen, Ilya Volkov, Yana Mayer, Justyna Bereza, Roxette Official, Gaby Hildebrandt, Don, Nadine Lingenau, Kathleen, Ognian Dimitrov, Astrid Lenhard, Kirsten Ohlwein, Celestte Thistlethwayte.

9 thoughts on “World Tour 2011: Posters – FINAL”

  1. Oh no this is not boring! I am very curious to see what the posters across the globe look like! Hope there are others besides the one’s above!

    • No I must agree. It seems nobody has bothered with world tour anything. No Charm School Merchandise, no official tour poster….I know the tour was sort of last minute but hey I’m sure someone can do a whole lot better. The pic that’s used is also not the best of Marie & Per! (the one where she laughs).
      Come on I know Live Nation can do something !!
      Roxette need to work on their image now!!

      • I have to agree here.. I was fine with the stage because I don’t need a flashy stage to enjoy a concert, but merchandise is a joke (both the prices and the items!!! who needs a t-shirt the the look sharp cover on it? I saw this stuff in Summer and it looked CHEAP, as if anybody of us would have done it home with the help of an iron ;)), and let alone the posters – as you say, no official name, no official logo, no official posters..and the photo could have been much better.

        Any picture taken by Thomas Evensson last year in Halmstad would have been better 😉

        WE don’t need all that, but since WE are not the main target for the concerts (we go there anyway ;)) I would expect some decent promotion…

  2. I have to agree too. I think the new picture on the stage (world map with flowes) looks cool and the older one is okay for encore and old hits but I’d definitely add screens. People who stand far away would like to see them too.

    The merchandise…. well. The shirts really look old and amateur made. As if the stuff was from 80’s or beginning of the 90’s. And for me, Roxette is not about nostalgy. Why on earth didn’t they use some better (or at least real) designer? There must be professional fans who they could have hired and who’d done the work with heart in it. That’s something I’d like to ask Per since he’s so fond of fashion and looking good himself. 😉

    Comparing to the merchandise the posters look well made. I don’t think this topic is boring at all. 🙂

  3. marie and per must watch out for not becoming a caricature of themselves with all those retro and old images. at least their turquoise facebook picture looks new, fresh and cool.

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