Here are the posters from 77 (out 79) concert that Roxette did in 2011. 2 which we miss out are the corporate ones, so they just don’t count in 🙂

If you have a different version of posters or billboards below or better quality photos, please share them with us. We’re waiting for your e-mails at

Thanks to Lionel Zaragocin, Evgeny Perekopskiy, Márcia Meira, Soldatos Konstantinos, Dusan Sabol, Christina Röhrs, Emil Ivanov, Ivan Kelava, Barbara Sander, Vinilo Pop, Alexis Rox, Rosina Marmion, Ms. Fredriksson aka Natalie, Steffen, Ilya Volkov, Yana Mayer, Justyna Bereza, Roxette Official, Gaby Hildebrandt, Don, Nadine Lingenau, Kathleen, Ognian Dimitrov, Astrid Lenhard, Kirsten Ohlwein, Celestte Thistlethwayte.