E-Type covers Gessle co-penned song “Kärleken är evig”

This may be interesting for collectors of songs written by Per Gessle. He once co-wrote “Kärleken är evig”, which was performed by Lena Philipsson at the Melodifestivalen 1986. The song finished second at the Melodifestivalen and reached number 3 in the Swedish single charts.

This song has now been covered by E-Type during the TV4 programme “Så mycket bättre – season 2”, a Swedish reality TV show where seven artists spend eight days together at a hotel in Gotland and each of them do their own versions of the other artists’ songs. The artists that participated in this season are Tomas Ledin, E-Type, Lena Philipsson, Laleh, Timbuktu, Mikael Wiehe and Eva Dahlgren.

You can watch the performance on TV4play.se, listen to the track on Spotify or buy it at iTunes. All of it if you are resident in Sweden.