7 thoughts on “New single to be released in February”

  1. “Toursim 2”? A new game? 😛

    I guess that’s the airplay/download start, with a CD single following later – closer to the album, when it’s really released in late March.

  2. Great news! February is so close (and yet so far) 🙂

    I really hope the new single will get a massive airplay like ‘Radio’ cause unluckily in terms of airplay and chart success, I hate to say, WayOut, SpeakToMe and NoOneMakesItOnHerOwn can be called flops here in Austria. I guess BigBlackCadillac would have been the best 2nd single from CharmSchool because some radios played it a couple of times during the week when CS was released and that should have been a good sign …

    But anyway, let’s move on to the next ‘joyride’ called “TII” now! With or without airplay it’s gonna be an awesome new roxin’ year!

  3. Agree about BBC. It would have been closer in style to SGNO to keep the same audience going – while bringing punchy Marie vocals in.

    But I think the new lead single has much better chances for attention, airplay and sales ahead of an album.

  4. Well, it depends. Here in Argentina the album sold quite well, but the singles didn’t get much airplay, not even “Radio”. I don’t think it was featured in any radio chart at all. It doesn’t bother me, because I think SGNO is one of their worst singles ever!

  5. can’t wait! i hope in more radio promotions, for this new single. Someone know the title of the song?

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