Q&A session with Per Gessle on Facebook

In a weak moment of Christmas humbleness Per Gessle has agreed to answer all Rox-related questions on the Roxette Official Facebook wall. From the yesterday’s Q&A session, we got to know that:

Roxette considers playing in Mexico next year
there are no plans for 2012 concerts in Baltic states
Per has never considered releasing Christmas album
“Charm school” track is to be included on “T2 – Tourism 2” album
Roxette is still trying to convince EMI that it’s a good idea to release old concert on DVD/blu-ray
the official dates for European 2012 tour will be announced once everything is set and done
Marie doesn’t really use computers
Roxette might play “Paint” on the tour
most of 2012 concerts won’t have the full Rox-production
“Charm school” is still “a fine album” for Per Gessle

Roxette US dates are “in the can for September” next year
Roxette will play in Denmark next year
Cooper works at Burger King

9 thoughts on “Q&A session with Per Gessle on Facebook”

  1. Can’t believe he really did that. That’s very cool. I couldn’t name any stars who as communicate with fans as him.

    Though I hope it doesn’t mean that he’s a FB addict 🙂

  2. Ha ha, it looks like that Charm School is another ‘mythical’ song. Now we know that 2010 demo version of Charm School was great, 2011 finale version became bad and now there will be 2012 T2 version that is glorious. Am I the only who’s really excited to hear all 3 versions to compare, what is Per talking about? 😀

  3. So cool we get to hear the Charm School track soon!
    It would be surely interessting to hear the song progression. With TCOTH it went similar and the final version became amazing. So I’m just happy to hear the final result on T2.

  4. One year ago Charm School was “a killer”. Now it’s just “fine”. Ratings downgrade all over the world …….

  5. Per has answered even more questions on Christmas Day – c’mon, how amazing is that? I adore the way Rox care about us as fans! Here’s a short summary of Per’s recent answers to fan Qs:

    – Rox will “take a break” regarding the tour in October 2012
    – “US dates are in the can for Sep next year.”
    – HipHappy, the label which Per published his HAND songs, for example, was “just an experiment”. All his songs are published by Jimmy Fun Music these days.
    – Micke Syd or Anders Herrlin stole a Gucci shirt of his… maybe 😉
    – Per’s very relaxed about people uploading their own rox cover versions on to YouTube, so nobody has to be worried about being sued: “No, come on. I love that. Go ahead and play and sing and have fun!”
    – Per remarks that he’s not in a good mood and cheerful 24/7: “Sorry to disappoint you. […] Ask my wife.” (Hardly surprising, he’s only human after all!)
    – He probably began to learn the guitar after he heard “Hey, that’s no way to say goodbye” by Leonard Cohen.
    – Rox do consider releasing an updated biography sooner or later.
    – Per’s favourite part of being famous is “performing songs that people know. The rest I could live without.”

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