“Run To Roxette” forums closing due to inactivity

After many years as one of the biggest Roxette fan communities “Run To Roxette” announced the closing of it’s forums today:

Hi there,
Due to the growth of social networks, we’ll close the R2R forum on january 1st, so please save the messages, contacts and pictures that you want. We can keep in contact thought the Facebook page.

Facebook fan page: facebook.com/RunToRoxette
Twitter: twitter.com/RunToRoxette

The Run to Roxette Team.


The decrease of activity on the forums was clearly visible in the last months, when more and more Roxers concentrated their activity on social networks instead of the classical communities. After so many years it feels a bit sad though.

What do you think, can networks like Facebook replace the whole package of a dedicated fan community?

13 thoughts on ““Run To Roxette” forums closing due to inactivity”

  1. You can’t ignore the user movement, but I think it’s a sad development. At Facebook the roxy design and atmosphere is missing, there’s no proper discussion structure, no detailed search for content…

  2. I can only repeat myself, not only Facebook killed the R2R forum but also the lack of moderation and spam protection over there.

    I will miss the R2R forum 🙁

  3. Sascha, thanks for the article.
    Kerstin is right, moderation is a big problem nowdays because we haven’t got time to moderate it :-/

  4. Can’t say I’ve been there lately, but still it’s kind of sad news…
    Can’t you leave the threads as archive pages like the old TDR forum? Seems like less than a kill that way.

  5. First there was nothing. Then we got paper magazines – which were nice. When internet days came, we started using mailing lists – it was the easiest and cheapest solution in times when you paid for every single minute spent online. After a while forums popped up, people liked them more as they didn’t get thousands of e-mails everyday and they could choose topics that they are interested in reading. In the mid 00’s – social network sites have began to rise their profiles, fan magazine got closed and forums lost their members.

    Facebook in the last few years really revolutionized the whole way we communicate – all major and minor brands have to be on Facebook just to get more people visting their website/get to know about new things happening. People decided they don’t want to visit various forums when they can have all latest news at once in one place. That’s very useful and thank God that Zuckerberg did that. Of course, every time I hear that a magazine, a forum will be closed, it makes me sad, but that’s how it is. I don’t really know how long RXB will last as there are so many things going on the internet.

    At the moment there are two English language Rox website – first is dailyroxette.com – more-official-news-orientated, better-language-used etc. Then there are we with our speedy news service. There are several foreign websites, but for instance one of websites I had been running for years – e.g. http://www.roxette.pl is closed now. First people left forum, then we decided not to pay for the site any longer. It’s not only about time, but also about money we spent for something we don’t get any return on investment. Of course, it’s always cool to see link to article published on Roxette Official’s page, but it won’t pay my bills 🙂 We Polish community are on Facebook with over 2,400 fans. If you can keep it simple and low-cost wih that site, why not to do it?

    Honestly, time changes and we have to try accept those changes it brings – both good and bad. I don’t know how future will look like, so better to enjoy what we have now, than regret what is past already.

  6. I think we’d lose the ability to moderate then. The FB system isn’t really transparent. And for what advantage? To get an account here isn’t burden, you don’t have to present your bank account. 😉

    Of course we have to accept changes. But we don’t have to like everything. Changes are not always to the better. One should always think and decide – not blindly follow the masses…

  7. After TDR forum, another great forum is closed. This is sad but I undestand it. I also have spent more time on FB. I can not forget the yellow/orange design of TDR forum. It was sooo amazing!!!

  8. Also Per’s forums about Roxette and GT have been very quiet. For me FB (especially when Per is so active), these blogs and youtube are great enough fan community. 🙂

  9. I actually prefer getting the latest news here at Roxette Blog. Yeah FB is nice but at times a real pain in your know what.

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