Per Gessle Q&A – part 2

Per Gessle has spent some time answering your questions after Christmas as well.

Here are some of the Q&As:

What is your favourate part of being famous?
PG: Performing songs that ppl know. The rest I could live without.

Do you consider releasing an updated Rox biography any time soon? PS: Merry Christmas!
PG: Yes

Per, I would like to know your thoughts about this one. Imagine, if not music, not your brilliant career at all, what would you do in life? If everything went in different way. Have a great time of Christmas by the way 😉
PG: A bum probably.

How old were you when you began to learn playing guitar? What was your first learnt song?
PG: I was about 15. The first song was probably Hey, that’s no way to say goodbye by Leonard Cohen.

Is there any recipe of your neverending energy? What makes you wake up in a wonderful mood and what makes you be so cheerful the whole day?
PG: Sorry to disappoint you but I’m not. Ask my wife…

So, is it really okay when a tiny little unknown band (like we are) posts an own version of a Rox- or PG-Song? No risk of being accused by an advocate of EMI?
PG: No, come on. I love that. Go ahead and play and sing and have fun!

I wonder if there is a system in choosing which of your songs gets published by Jimmy Fun or Hip Happy. Can you explain how this works please? “Shock the music” is for Maries stuff…but you have at least two publishing labels..or even more?
PG: I started HipHappy as an experiment which I can’t go into here. Nowadays my songs are exclusivly publ by JImmy. Or Santa.

Is there really in truth to the rumor that you are trying to come to the US/North America?
PG: Yea, US dates are in the can for Sep next year

Will the tour be never-ending because of T2?
PG: No, we will take a break from October 2012. I think.

I was wondering who suggests the design of the merchandise and who decides what is eventually sold.
PG: Yea, we’ll try to shape up next year!

Hej Per! Which song do you like to play life most?
PG: I like them all but 727 always kicks ass.

You told us that Clarence lost his shoes in San Sebastian, Can you explain us what happened, too much party maybe?
PG:  Long time ago. Yea, he forgot his shoes in some bar.

How often does the children in the roxette band influence the music? Do they ever say something that want you to change something in songs?
PG: No, not really.

ORIGINAL Demos of “Only When I dream” and “In My Own Way”: Any chance to hear them one day?
PG: Maybe.

I remember an old interview were you told that there exist 20 HAND-Songs. 14 are on the album, 3 were bonus tracks, but where are the others? Are there more MF-written recordings left from these days?
PG: I can’t remember but I think a few of Marie’s was released in the Rox Box.

About acoustic demos vs the older demos which are more produced
PG: Hi Erwee, it’s an interesting q for sure! In the old days I “produced” my demos much more than I do nowadays. I think it has a lot to do with working so close together w/ Chris & Clare. I want to hear their opinions in the raw before I tell them about my own production- and arrangement-ideas. F.i., the SOAP album didn’t really have any demos at all. i just played C&C the songs on the piano and off we went. It’s a fascinating journey.

I once read that you try to save one exemplar of everything that has been released from you/Rox. If this is true, are you aware of all official releases worldwide or are there surprises even for you sometimes? And do you own one exemplar of the The Look 7″ clear vinyl? I’d love to have this one.r Gessle’s Roxette collection – complete?
PG: I wish my collection was complete but it isn’t!! The clear vinyl version of The Look is missing for instance.

When a tour is over, is it easy for you to get back to your everyday life?
PG: It’s a special lifestyle but after a couple of days off you become human.

Do you write all the songs only about your own live and situations or sometimes about a story you’ve heard before from a friend or a other person?
PG: The antennas are always activated!

You said somewhere else that t2 will sound a bit like soap. In which case did you mean it? The way you handle it? The way the songs sound like?
PG: T2 is a very “relaxed” album, just like SOAP. Hardly any programming. Live takes from the stage, in hotelrooms, in the studio.

Are you going to play Speak To Me live in 2012? Or maybe another Charm School song you haven’t performed live yet?
PG: Maybe.

Will there be any new shows in Russia and particularly in St. Petersburg in 2012?
PG: Sorry folks, doesn’t look like R is on the agenda in 2012. But things might change….

What do you think about Marie Fredriksson´s album “Den Standiga Resan”?
PG: Yea, it’s a great album.

As you can find here a lot of questions “will he play again in …” – how big is your impact on the tour plan?
PG: Not that big really. We play where ppl want to see us and there is a promoter to back that up.

Will be T2 release on vinyl ?
PG: Think so.

When did you start to personalize your plectrums?
PG: I guess Art was pretty early. Can’t remember though where it all started.

How come that Sweden doesn’t take notice of Roxettes current success at all?
PG: No, Swedish media never writes anything about Rox anymore. It doesn’t really matter what we do, selling out Wembley or have the No 4 song in the world. They’re not interested. It’s sad in a way. But it’s a big world….

After signing the great Roxcar this year, this question come to my mind. What was the strangest thing you were asked for to sign?
PG: I don’t dare to tell you…

What do you do with older stage decorations?
PG: We have a warehouse were we have the most crazy stuff.

How much are you and Marie involved in the CD cover design? Do you come up with any ideas and present them to Mr. Wickholm (for example) or is it the other way round?
PG: No, nothing is left to the others…. they probably hate me for that.

Hey Per, I have a question about Marie. I have read on the internet Marie would be vegetarian. Now I want to know if it’s true.
PG: No, she’s not. Trust me.

Roxette was not included in the Top 25 Tours of 2011 list.
PG: I agree. It’s really terrible and a missing opportunity to tell the world about the Rox comeback. We should be Number 8.

Would Roxette ever release any Box like the RoxBox with the compilation of all the Alternative Versions, Demos and B-sides??
PG: Could happen down the road, yes.

Are you able to relate to the ppl’s feelings and to feel the beauty of some of the songs too? Do you listen to them sometimes?…And what do you think of LTYH in particular? 🙂
PG: It’s very flattering, of course, that ppl love my music. I guess it’s beyond every writer’s (and artist’s) control to decide what’s gonna be an “evergreen”. I certainly didn’t expect to write of those anyway! Someone said that as soon as a song is recorded and released it’s everyone’s property. I agree. It’s forever part of the listener and the admirer of the tune. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Will there be a Gyllene Tider tour again?
PG: Maybe.

Who has an impact on choosing the backing vocalists for Roxette? Do you look for them yourself or is there usually somebody recommanding them to you?
PG: Both.

Per, Who is another long-time band member besides Marie and Clarence?
PG: Pelle Alsing since 1986.

Is there a plan for an exterior videos for new songs? Is there possibility that you will colaborate with mr Akerlund or mr Corbijn again?
PG: Yes. Jonas and Anton are always there.

Has there been a time (apart from when Marie fell ill) when you thought that Roxette was about to come to an end for good? And why was that?
PG: Yea, Marie and I decided to call it quits for a while just before she got ill. Night of the Proms in 2002 was supposed to be the swan song.

Hej Per, do you greet the new year 2012 with a firework?
PG: Why not.

Sometimes I ask me how you get the idea to write such a great song like Cinnamon Street. Per, what was your inspiration for that song? Was it a personally experience?
PG: A bit. I wrote about Lärkvägen in Halmstad, the street where I grew up.

Marie told us in Graz that she is working on her next solo-album, is there maybe a chance for a Marie-solo tour???
PG: Howdy Karin, I’m sure Marie will tour when her soloalbum is done.

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  1. If it’s true that 20 songs were recorded for HAND, we have only one song missing… there are 14 album tracks + Little Miss Sorrow, It Hurts, Happy Together, Makin’ Love To You and The Centre Of The Heart (will we ever hear this version???). So it’s 19 in total. The 20th song can’t Better Off On Her Own, because it was recorded in 1999

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