Per Gessle has just confirmed what we already suspected in November: that the soundtrack he was working on is indeed for “Small Apartments”, the new film by Jonas Åkerlund. Per has just written the following on Facebook:

Yes Box Alright! I’ve done the soundtrack, based on the Son of a Plumber vibe, for Jonas Åkerlund’s new movie “Small Apartments”. The music has been recorded at the AGM Studio and as expected the mighty Mr Lundquist & Mr Ofwerman have been the cornerstones. The film? Well, it’s a “dark comedy” (based on the S.A. novel) starring Matt Lucas, Billy Crystal, James Caan and Peter Stormare in the leading parts. And yes, it’s a wonderful movie. And yes, there will be a soundtrack. And yes, we have to release it on vinyl as well. I’m really proud to be part of this. Cheers, P. PS. Jonas is God.

So if we didn’t have enough with Tourism 2 (or 2rism or 2Rism or however it will be called) and the tour.. there is even more for our ears this year.