World Tour 2011: Tickets – UPDATED

As you may remember I did something similar back in 2009 with Party Crasher Tour’s tickets.

The idea is simple. We would like to collect all tickets from the 2011 tour. We would like to ask you to send us your tickets – at the moment we managed to collect almost all tickets from 2011 Roxette World Tour tour. As you see 3 more tickets are missing. Some pictures included belowe are low quality as well. So – if you want to send us something new or HQ, please do it at – thanks!

Here is the list of cities from which I still don’t have any ticket.

18.7 Tallin, Estonia
29.7 Haugesund, Norway

01.9 Tromso, Norway

Thanks to Kerstin, Valentina Kolpakova, ruthrox, Andreas Christodoulou, Alison, Heidi, Andreas Christodoulou, Alison Lowther, Fábio Frutuoso, Evgeny Perekopskiy, Michael Adelman, Ms Fredriksson aka Natalie, Ilya Volkov, Jessiva Verta, Jana Günther, Gyöngyvér Simon, Martin Heisl, Jennefer Zuniga, Tanja Overrath, Sandra Knospe, Sarah Plunkett, Inna Koslak, Yana Mayer, Pamela Kail, Astrid Lenhard, Sandra Knospe, Elin Thingvoll Berge, Evgeny Perekopskiy.

I would like to thank all people who posted their tickets on Facebook pages – PER GESSLE OFFICIAL, ROXETTE OFFICIAL or on somebody’s wall. I did not include your names (my fault, I know), but if you know that it was you who took this picture, just let us know.

10 thoughts on “World Tour 2011: Tickets – UPDATED”

  1. Great collection, Copenhagen tickets are part of the entry to Tivoli and can be purchased on the day! I shall take a photo of mine, but I guess you will have to wait till July for it…

    Of course I shall be only to happy to provide a UK concert ticket if we ever get a date *rolls eyes* :p

  2. I can’t believe the tour starts on MONDAY!!!!

    Methinks my youtube usage will be increasing this year…

  3. Cool, I am spotting my 3 concerts tickets there 🙂 Cape Town 8 May / 10 May / 12 May

    Will you guys create a spot on here where fans are able to post photos taken at concerts and or amateur videos or is youtube & facebook the best option?

    All the best to Marie & Per for this unbelievable amazing world tour 🙂

  4. we haven’t got so much server space (anymore, the site becomes bigger and bigger!) but we could use Flickr or alike for that, would be a great idea to have different galleries interlinked 🙂
    Thanks for the tip!

  5. ok will do my best to give a nice report/s with photos to Roxette blog of my experience of the South African leg of the tour. I am attending concerts in Cape Town & Johannesburg (Grand West arena & Sun City Superbowl).

  6. I ordered my ticket for Weert 3 weeks ago. I expect my ticket very soon. i will post it asap to you!

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