3 thoughts on “Weird 2001 multiple choice test done by Marie Fredriksson”

  1. It was done by a dutch music magazine called Samsonic. It doesn’t exist anymore. They did the interview on a special way: They sent it by fax, and EMI sent it back by faxmachine. If I remember right the magazine did an interview this way every month.
    For what reason Marie said yes? I don’t know, because it was a bit too late to be really promotion for RS, and it was much too early to be promotion for Ballad Hits.
    After this interview came out I called the Samsonic-redaction, to ask if I could get the original while I’m such a big roxette fan 🙂 Of course they said no, and they also told they were very proud of this interview, and they already wanted to interview Marie for a long time.

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