TRAVELLING – the official title of the new Roxette album

The cover of the forthcoming album called TRAVELLING was published today on the Roxette’s Facebook page. After previous projects for “2Rism” and “T2 – Tourism2” Roxette finally decided to pick up different name. The album is due to be released on March 30 in Sweden.

9 thoughts on “TRAVELLING – the official title of the new Roxette album”

  1. I’m released that they took a new titel! T2 was meaningless, but “Travelling” is absolutely fitting! Now, as somebody already on Facebook mentionned, the album has got it’s own identity. This is so much better than a second “Tourism”. There is only one Tourism and one Travelling. 🙂

    • Haha, that was me, I guess! No need to say I totally agree with you, T2 was absolutely meaningless. 🙂

  2. I really have to say that I like the title. It is – in my humble view – much better to have a fresh and new title than just to go back to an older album (which was released almost 20 years ago) and sort of attempt a continuation, which it would never really be. So, congrats Marie and Per for choosing a real cool album title and for looking ahead and not back.
    The sleeve is also different from previous Rox albums. Well, I would have felt strange about a cover pic in the style of Joyride or Crash!Boom!Bang! if they had really decided to go with that because you cannot really pretend to be still in the 90s. This is 2012 and it is thus a new (undiscovered) part of Roxette and this is really something I like about this “comeback”. And besides, the cover and the title should kind of match the songs and those are still a secret. So, we shouldn’t jump hastily to any conclusions and wait for March 30.

  3. I suggested to Per Gessle (twitter) as title “Traveling” and now the album is called ‘Travelling’ ,is cool.Someone suggested that title too?

  4. Roxette Official on facebook now has video clips from a new photoshoot! at least 3 different set-ups (different wardrobe, location etc.) are shown.

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