Rumours: Parallel universe covers of TRAVELLING album

If you haven’t become a fan of the official TRAVELLING cover YET, so we collected several fan made ideas how the album cover could’ve looked like in parallel universes.

Would you like to share your vision of the parallel world? Send your projects to

10 thoughts on “Rumours: Parallel universe covers of TRAVELLING album”

  1. Very nice ideas indeed. “….this is Marie and this is Per and we are Roxette!..”With a band such as Roxette you need to stick to the 2 people who are Roxette when it comes to the album sleeve. Celine Dion won’t put her musicians on her album sleeve; Madonna won’t dream to share the spotlight with anyone. Helena was part of the CS tour yes, but she has left the band, so why would you want to put her face and the manager’s face on the album sleeve? The Beatles never put Brian Epstein’s face on their albums. I just think with the already tough music industry due to digital music it is so important to have a fantastic winning package if you want to stand out and sell albums.

  2. Great idea!

    And the ones sent in so far are ALL BY FAR much, much BETTER than the official cover.

    I keep saying (already did so for merchandise): Make a competition out of it among fans and choose from them!

  3. Joyrider’s ones are great. Decent, clear, clever, cool. Esp. this one with yesterday’s photos of Per and Marie. Looks much more proffesional than original one. Good work, man.

  4. The one I like the most is the one with the big plane and the Charm School font. I’d just remove the Tourism 2 reference, I don’t like that. By the one, the first one with the flight attendants looks very similar to an album by Sahara Hotnights (not the same pic, tho):

  5. Love Joy-rider’s idea’s, they always look great.

    The two with the new pics look nice.

    I like the idea with plane that they have decided to go with, along with the new name.

  6. joy-rider you are a professional designer aren’t you? very talented guy! Your designs look a lot like “Roxette” (at least how I see them) and fits in their catalogue but also surprising like nothing they have done before AND Roxette would have a cool -but mature image with your “images”. Per should so notice you and your work (and i am a critical fan who is hard to please)

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