Roxette’s “Travelling” on March 23

According to Swedish online shops –, and – the new Roxette album called “Travelling” will be released on March 23, a week earlier than previously expected. On the same date such star like Madonna will also release her long anticipated album.

Update February 7: As it looks like, the album will be released on March 23 in Germany and other “Friday release” countries, March 26 in most other countries.

11 thoughts on “Roxette’s “Travelling” on March 23”

  1. That fact should make it pretty clear that Roxette will attend the ECHO Gala to perform their new single in order to promote the album which (then) will be released the next day.

    • Of course it wasn’t announced (yet), nobody said this – the moved released date simply SHOULD make it pretty clear that they’ll do so, at least I’m sure they’ll perform there 😉

      • Of course I would LOVE that Roxette perform on any show (especially new material)…but I really don’t see how this announcement has relation to the other one 🙂
        We can only hope…

  2. madonna release the same day madonna release her album, but roxette will be nr. 1 and madonna nr. 2!!!!!!!!

  3. @ ettexor: Well, that’s quite optimistic! We can be lucky enough if it’s the other way round! 🙂

    I have to admit that I’m longing for both albums, Roxette’s and Madonna’s. But one thing is sure: I will FIRST listen to “Travelling” on that day, and then to Madonna’s strange named album!

  4. More German stores confirmed that date.

    Looks like Madonna’s album will be released March 26, so a few days later. In Germany there also big national competition (Silbermond, Unheilig a week earlier) so I don’t expect another top spot.

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