TRAVELLING to be released in a double-LP edition

According to Bengans Record Store – Roxette will not only release CD and LP editions of their forthcoming “Travelling” album. There will be also a very special (and quite expensive) double-LP edition of this record – worth EUR 45! No details are given yet.

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12 thoughts on “TRAVELLING to be released in a double-LP edition”

  1. I think it is very likely that there will be a double LP only. An album with 15 songs, especially with live ones, would exceed the run length of a single 12″ vinyl LP (unless the quality is low).

    • Well, not necessarily. CBB also has 15 songs, some of them quite long (like the title track and Love Is All) and they all fit on one single vinyl.

  2. Generally there are maximum 25 minutes on a side. For example the Joyride LP has only 12 tracks to meet this.
    I think C!B!B! was released on 1-LP (approximately 31 minutes on each side) because in 1994 CDs started to be much more common and EMI didn’t want to print a more expensive 2-LP to have 3-4 tracks on a side.
    Nowadays vinyl is a premium product, the sound quality has to be the best possible.

  3. Wow, with 3-4 tracks on a side liestening through an album isn’t a lean-back experience! 😛

    I have to say I never bought a LP. Don’t have the equipment and it would just serve a collector/big cover view/nostalgia use.

    • Me neither. I haven’t had a record-player since I was 6 or so, but I still keep some old ABBA LP’s and singles. Regarding Rox, I think I only have 4 vinyl items. I’ve got Charm School and Speak To Me due to the novelty and the sake of having them, but I doubt I will ever play them

  4. I’m afraid this won’t be the case….

    I must say I’m pretty disappointed about the latest releases on vinyl. Charm School for instance was made in a very thin and too-flexible vinyl material. I own a vinyl player (aka music center) and the grooves aren’t deep enough, that makes the needle skips while playing some tracks (I wanted to listen the longer version of NOMIOHO and STM). “Traveling” will be just another collectible item.

    The old GT vinyls sound f***ing great! Much better than the cds though!

  5. They should sell just the empty LP covers for 3 Euro! 😀

    honky tonk, did you spot the difference (STM & NOMIOHO) to the CD versions? Seems to be pretty tiny…

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