As informed on its Facebook page, Danish website revealed tracklist of the forthcoming Roxette TRAVELLING album due to be released next month on March 23/26. According to the titles published below – we will be able to hear live versions of “Stars” [Dubai], “It must have been love” [Rotterdam] and “She’s got nothing on” [Rio de Janeiro]. Previously announced song called “Charm School” was renamed into “Touched by the Hand of God”. Unexpectedly – Roxette chose to include “See Me” (CBB session) and “The Weight Of The World” (Room Service / TBH sessions) with old vocals from Marie and Per, but new arrangments and mixes.

What do you think about it?

01 Me & You & Terry & Julie [ispired by The Kinks’ “Waterloo sunset”]
02 Lover Lover Lover
03 Turn of the Tide [HAND outtake]
04 Touched by the Hand of God [previously called ‘Charm School’]
05 Easy Way Out
06 It’s Possible
07 Perfect Excuse [Marie and Helena on vocals, slower than Party Crasher version]
08 Excuse Me, Sir, Do You Want Me to Check on Your Wife?
09 Angel Passing [ballad]
10 Stars [Live in Dubai]
11 The Weight of the World [new mix, old vocals]
12 She’s Got Nothing on (But the Radio) [Live in Rio de Janeiro]
13 See Me [new mix, old vocals]
14 It’s Possible – version two
15 It Must Have Been Love [Live in Rotterdam, new vocals, modified in the studio]