Roxette’s TRAVELLING tracklist revealed

As informed on its Facebook page, Danish website revealed tracklist of the forthcoming Roxette TRAVELLING album due to be released next month on March 23/26. According to the titles published below – we will be able to hear live versions of “Stars” [Dubai], “It must have been love” [Rotterdam] and “She’s got nothing on” [Rio de Janeiro]. Previously announced song called “Charm School” was renamed into “Touched by the Hand of God”. Unexpectedly – Roxette chose to include “See Me” (CBB session) and “The Weight Of The World” (Room Service / TBH sessions) with old vocals from Marie and Per, but new arrangments and mixes.

What do you think about it?

01 Me & You & Terry & Julie [ispired by The Kinks’ “Waterloo sunset”]
02 Lover Lover Lover
03 Turn of the Tide [HAND outtake]
04 Touched by the Hand of God [previously called ‘Charm School’]
05 Easy Way Out
06 It’s Possible
07 Perfect Excuse [Marie and Helena on vocals, slower than Party Crasher version]
08 Excuse Me, Sir, Do You Want Me to Check on Your Wife?
09 Angel Passing [ballad]
10 Stars [Live in Dubai]
11 The Weight of the World [new mix, old vocals]
12 She’s Got Nothing on (But the Radio) [Live in Rio de Janeiro]
13 See Me [new mix, old vocals]
14 It’s Possible – version two
15 It Must Have Been Love [Live in Rotterdam, new vocals, modified in the studio]

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  1. It is hard to believe that this would be the final track list. I think it is weird that the live songs are placed so far at the end of the album and also the fact that “Charm school” (the song) is not among the new tracks makes me wonder if this is all a hoax. Besides, the great thing about the Rio concert was the version of “Spending my time” where all the fans took over. This song is a must for the new album. And moreover, my guess is that the final track will be “Listen to your heart” and not “It must have been love”…. Don’t believe this track list before Per confirms it. Cheers!

    • In addition, we’ve got See Me on multiple releases (B-side of Salvation, The Ballad Hits bonus EP, The Roxbox). Who needs that song again? The same goes for TWOTW.

  2. Hmm, if it’s real I’m a bit disappointed about IMHBL as one of the live songs. They have enough big hits to feature apart from the 4 US #1s again and again. TWOTW and SM could be totally different versions, which would be fine for the album concept. Easy Way Out might be a new song, not Way Out.

  3. I don’t think that’s the final songlist for several reasons, although some are merely personal:
    1) as Birger said, where’s Charm school?
    2) I’m sure they’ll put “Spending” from Rio!
    3) it’s not 9 new and 6 live/old already known stuff, but there should be 9 BRAND new (excluding Perfect excuse and Turn of the tide and maybe even Charm school ‘cos they’re old). The live & hotel room songs are maybe the versions (Stars from the soundcheck +maybe Spending from Rio + whatever from Night of the Proms, probably Wish I could fly ‘cos we’ve got the other ones on Tourism and “Listen to your heart” is on already the NOTP album which they probably cannot use + some version from a hotel room). The studio leftovers not known should be the already mentioned Perfect excuse and Turn of the tide (although it’s partly from a hotelroom).
    4) Per said Marie didn’t like See me, or was it Seduce me?
    5) It’s weird to put all old songs at the end, they didn’t do it with Toursim.
    6) I don’t want See me!!!

  4. I was hoping for ‘bigger and darker’ version of Happy Together, when Per wrote about it. It’s one their most underrated songs. The Weight Of The World is very special song to me, you don’t like it for the first listen but then you fell in love with it. So new version would be ok to me. See Me is also nice one, but it’s to old. Charm School missing? Or renamed? Hmmm. Easy Way Out?

    Per, it’s time to stop torture us. 😉

  5. Im looking forward to hear see me – I always thought the version they released on the Ballad Hits sounded like a Demo. There is a big potential to make a big song out of this one IMO

  6. From the Daily Roxette earlier, now taken down:

    The tracklist of Travelling has now been revealed in full. See below with comments from Per Gessle:

    01 Me & You & Terry & Julie Terry & Julie are the two youngsters from the Kinks’ “Waterloo Sunset” but everyone knows that, right???
    02 Lover Lover Lover
    03 Turn of the Tide From Have a Nice Day, we never used it.
    04 Touched by the Hand of God Used to be called “Charm School.”
    05 Easy Way Out
    06 It’s Possible Rocking version á la “Radio,” kicks ass!
    07 Perfect Excuse From Party Crasher, this is a duet between Marie and Helena, I was busy checking things out.
    08 Excuse Me, Sir, Do You Want Me to Check on Your Wife? “Excuse Me Sir” is one of those songs where we sound like Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers.
    09 Angel Passing A ballad.
    10 Stars [live from Dubai soundcheck]
    11 The Weight of the World New fabulous mix of the old track.
    12 She’s Got Nothing on (But the Radio) [live in Rio]
    13 See Me Totally new recording except Marie’s vox.
    14 It’s Possible ­ [version two] Summer version, in Gyllene Tider’s “Hjärta utan hem” arrangement.
    15 It Must Have Been Love [live in Rotterdam] It’s the NOTP strings with new drums by Pelle and new vox by Marie, no guitars or anything…

    “I must say it looks to me like a fine record,” says Per to The Daily Roxette.

  7. I really hope IMHBL is not on this album. Who needs another version of the song, specially when it was one of the live tracks on Tourism? I have to agree with some of the comments above that SMT (live from the Rio concert) should be included. TWOTW was a nice surprise (even though the idea of “recycling” old songs and music sounds a bit lazy to me). Very underrated song, IMHO…

  8. I hope this tracklist is fake. I don’t want IMHBL… If confirmed I’ll be very sad with Roxette.

    • It is not fake and I am happy about it!

      The IMHBL-version will be very cool: just drums, orchestra strings and Marie

  9. Well, now it is for sure the track list. And I am a little surprised they actually put “See me” and “The Weight of the world” on the new album. Don’t get me wrong, I like these songs a lot but I would not have considered it necessary to re-interprete them. And I think it is a little funny to have all the new songs at the beginning of the album and then on the second half the live recordings, older titles and the alternative version of “It’s possible”. I kind of liked the mixture on Tourism. However, I am glad the song “Charm School” made it on the album and I really like the new title – also to avoid any confusion with the preceding album. In general, I must say, it is sad to find out about the track list from a music distributer’s webpage. I would have hoped Per had reavealed and explained all the choices in an interview. So, enough about the complaining… I cannot wait to get hold of this fantastic new Roxette album 🙂 and to listen to some great rock music.

  10. Now being official I just want to say I’m very happy about the live version (pure rock and no synthesizers) of She’s got nothing on and Stars (which we already knew)!!! “The weight…” is a very nice song, let’s see what has happened to it. I really hope they made See me a little less simple. Of course, my greatest complaint is about “Spending my time” and I hope it’ll be on some single b-side. However, the so-very-well-known-and-available IMHBL sounds interesting after all. Let’s see…

  11. I expected some more live tracks and more a mixture of studio/live tracks like on Tourism. I wouldn’t mind if the album would have more than 15 tracks. 😉
    Pers comments to the new songs sound promising.
    I’m also bored of IMHBL but the NOTP orchestra brought the song into new spheres so I’m looking forward to hear this mindblowing arrangement on the album.

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