World Tour 2012: Adelaide Audio Bootleg

If you want to hear what almost 100,000 Aussie fans are experiencing now, have a listen and download audio bootleg from Adelaide concert on February 20, 2012. And I tell you – the quality is pretty decent!

Big thanks to Gyöngyvér for helping with getting those files up on the site.

17 thoughts on “World Tour 2012: Adelaide Audio Bootleg”

  1. Sorry, my fault, yep, I included 3 links to video bootleg from Melbourne, which also should be up any time now. Now everything is as it should’ve been.

  2. Thanks for your effort. However, I have a problem. I get FLAC-files and I haven’t got a clue what do with them now. I ask google but I don’t want to download another programme to convert them. Is there an easy solution?

  3. it seems I have some problems with downloading. The CrashBoomBang file is broken and it says also the Church of your heart file is broken. When I load down the second part, there is another part of Crash Boom Bang..but….eehm..what I am doing wrong? Do I have to put the three parts together in one file and unpack it then?? I just unpacked them seperately…. hmmm…. (third part still not load so I can’t say what’s up with this one)
    But what I’ve heard so far it has a really a very very good quality!

  4. First you need to have all three parts, then unpacking only the first one will do to extract all the songs correctly.
    Hope you’ll get it working properly.

  5. Download doesn’t work. Tried it several times, but always, after about an hour, the download stops (somewhere between 20 and 60 percent). And than firefox is unable to resume the download. This means: The whole day I tried only to download part one of three and did not succeed yet 🙁
    Is there an alternative download-source with a less buggy connection? Would be great! Thanx!

  6. @Florian:
    Did you try 7zip? Don’t click on the zip-files but open 7zip first and go through the 7zip-menue to open the first file.
    I cannot tell you yet if this will work because I am still trying to download. But usually 7zip unzips everything 🙂

  7. Yes, me too. After an afternoon of broken downloads I finally got the whole concert. And, yes, it sounds quite good!

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