“It’s possible” – new Roxette single

German online shop Grooves-Inc informs that the first single off the TRAVELLING album will be “It’s possible”. The single will be released on the CD on March 16th – a week before the German premiere of the new album. Thanks to Lea Binias for finding out this information.

We were also informed by Aussie fans that the song was performed at the soundcheck in Perth on February 28 for the very first time, so the band is preparing to include it in the setlist.

8 thoughts on ““It’s possible” – new Roxette single”

  1. Wonder which one of the two versions they will pick as the first single off “Travelling”… If they’ll go for Version 1 I hope it doesn’t sound too similar to SGNO. On the other hand – SGNO has been a huge radio hit (at least here in Germany – they play it on the radio almost all the time). Either way, I can’t wait to hear a snippet of it!!!

  2. I´m almost sure it will be first (Radio sounded) version. Yesterday’s leak sounded really good. Strong melody, heavy guitar riffs, nice vocals. Two days remains…

  3. According to TDR, it’s indeed the SGNO-like version which will be the single. I’m quite surprised that they kept the secret until two days ahead of its digital and radio release. But yay – only two days to go!

  4. Wow, that info came really short in advance! Being on vacation I might actually hear it on radio before anywhere else! 😀

  5. Wow! Two and half minute long! Studio costs are high, so its cheaper that why…why not recording a shorter one? Maybe 45 seconds? Very radio friendly…what a dissapointment!!!

  6. Wow, that info was really short in advance. Wondering that there aren’t any leaks, yet. Radio Stations should habe it by now?

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