32 thoughts on “EMI Music Sweden published 90 sec fragment of “It’s possible” single”

  1. Way too much programming, far away from the live Sound we got from the soundcheck in Perth. I listened three times to it and skipt it. One of Roxettes badest Moments in my opinion. I Hoped for a Big melody with live Drums and guitars, here is everything missing…

  2. aaaa – I don’t have the chance to listen to it for at least some hours.

    WHAT?? NO LIVE DRUMS? I thought they wanted to sound real on this record?

    but i am still excited -at least some guitars are in it, i read

  3. More pop than rock, but that’s normal on a record as compared to a Rox-concert. I’m still deciding… got to listen to it a few times more…

  4. This is so much better than SGNOBTR or WO ! It could have been a track from the HAND-album.

  5. Have to say, I really love this over-programmed sound. With those guitars (one of the best intro ever) it sounds great. This first half of the song is little bit decent, hope there’s more drive in the second half. But as I said, this non-live sound is something which I love and prefere. If you love Dance Away, Physical Fascination or Comeback, you will love it too. Very Roxettish, very 90’s.

  6. Then it is not my cup of tea.

    CBB is my album and Sleeping in my car my fav song.

    SGNOBTR would have been great with live drums (for my taste)

    Maybe the 2nd version is better. Sht, can’t listen to it (have to wait till I#m home

  7. Great love it!! I think we are in for a really nice surpise with Travelling !!! Whoo whooo bring it baby!!! Love ROXETTE

  8. Here we go again folks….the love hate debate of the new tracks. Brace yourselves all 🙂 LOVIN’ THIS NEW SOUND

  9. Sounds overproduced to me. I was hoping for something more laid-back as Per himself had mentioned previously. But maybe this is an exception in the album as Per also said the first version of “It’s possible” would sound like SGNO and, indeed, it does. The intro and guitars sound good, though.

  10. Sounds great! Sounds like a hit! The song already got me with the guitar riff at the beginning!
    I think it sounds way better than She’s Got Nothing On.
    Looking forward to the album!

  11. It’s a lot like BigBlackCadillac in my opinion.

    I like it, esp. the chorus and guitar bridge but to be honest, I was hoping for something different this time, in the sense of rougher/edgier (real drums, a- & e-guitars, piano, organs and strings instead of synthies) and all in all more ‘handmade’ music.

    I think I am more of a “2nd version type” … 😉

    • The start of It’sPossible sounds very similar to BoulevardOfBrokenDreams by Green Day … and I like it 😉

  12. Finally home and listened to the song about 20 times but unluckily it won’t get better.

    + Good melody
    + Great intro
    + Guitars
    + Catchy

    – Catchy (boring after the third time listening)
    – Drums sounds fake and are to quiet
    – Can’t understand the words they sing -do they mumble lately?
    – I miss warm sounding instruments and maybe some handclaps
    – It sounds very “programmed” like Katy Perry/Pink/Eurovision
    – Middle 8: I so hate !! these quiet parts which take away all the drive
    – The mastering is once again not that clear and crisp at it was in the 90s

    • The lyrics are, as I hear them:

      Got to rip/rep again my paper
      got to write the tiny note to you
      I can’t get you out of my system
      There’s something very different gut about you

      It’s possible
      when I get that feeling
      it’s all real feeling

      It’s possible
      when you give that look
      just o-o-one

      People tell me all the wrong things
      People tell me I don’t have a clue
      There’s something in the year I just know it
      there’s all that mysterious stick like glue

      It’s possible
      when I get that feeling
      so old feeling
      it’s possible
      when you give that look
      just o-o-one

      Sound of your heartbeat
      promise so much
      sound of your heartbeat…

      • Thank you! I think this unclear pronunciation is because of Marie’s new teeths -the pair she has since Night of the proms. Words sounded different and clearer on the albums before Charm School IMHO

      • “Got to grab a pen and paper
        Got to write a tiny note to you
        I can’t get you out of my system
        There’s something very difficult about you

        It’s possible
        when I get that feeling
        it’s so revealing

        It’s possible
        When you gimme that look
        I just wanna uh-oh-oh”

        the last line of the second verse is
        “like patches on the skin they stick like glue”

  13. Agree that bridge takes away all the drive. The problem is that song is too short, so this quitting is comming too soon, almost in the beggining. It stops the song after one minute. Would have no problem if it comes after 3 verses and 3 choruses, but the way it is done it’s crashing the whole song.
    Otherwise it’s synth song, so you can’t expect warm instruments. But I do believe most of the album is much more ‘warm’ and ‘live’. 😉

  14. I would extend the song and rebuild the structure a little bit:

    long intro [cause radio DJs wanna talk into songs]
    verse 1 (less instruments)
    verse 2 (more instruments)
    chorus (full power starts)
    verse 3
    bridge/ middle 8 (same tempo! + new instruments like acoustic guitar)
    chorus (all used instruments start to play)

  15. i also love it.

    plus we still haven’t heard the other half and there is another entire recording of it coming in a few weeks…plus the demo

    maybe i’m mellowing with age but i’m just happy that Roxette is back and I try to just enjoy the music and not listen to it so critically anymore 🙂

  16. @ RealSugar: PLEASE leave Marie’s teeth out of this!

    I’m not sure about the new song, but I never am when I have listend to one a few times. I think, I’ll like it quite much. But it’s true that the structure of the song is extremly similar to the one of SGNO. I hope that they don’t try to simply repeat the success of SGNO.

    In the end, I like everything they do, so who cares?! 🙂

  17. After listening to the WHOLE song 3 or 4 times on my Bose (great bass and it’s edgier than I first thought) I really like it a lot. Never judge a song by it’s ‘first 90 seconds mp3’ 😉

  18. Yes, the production and mix are awesome. Really great sound, those low synthesizer lines are vibrating straight through your head. Have to say I also started love Christoffer’s guitars. Together with synths it’s great mix. This is why I love synth music. 🙂

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