“It’s possible” – cover and duration

According to Play.com – the “It’s Possible (Version One Radio Edit)” with duration of 2min 35sec is to be released on Monday, March 4. The German radio show “Hey Music” on Radio Berlin informs that “It’s possible” lasts for 3min 22sec. We have no information at this point which information is correct.

The B-side of the first single will be T&A Demo of “It’s possible”.

Update: It turned out that correct duration is 2:34 for the first single, which makes it the shortest one leading single in the history of Roxette.

6 thoughts on ““It’s possible” – cover and duration”

  1. Please, could it be possible for Roxette to lengthen their show to Bali after Jakarta? It is all I want it. I am your Indonesian fan since 10 years ago and love your voice always forever…….

  2. There could still be a longer version of the song. The version on play.com is, afterall, a “Radio Edit”. The Album version could be longer!

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