TRAVELLING on iTunes – bonus song, new descriptions

We were informed by Eloy Mathesan that iTunes lists a bonus, 16th track on the forthcoming TRAVELLING album. It is unknown at this point if this is a live version, new track or demo. It is still unsure if this special song will be available on the physical edition of the album. iTunes has also revealed descriptions of previously known songs and live tracks.

06. It’s Possible (Version One)
10. Stars (Soundcheck, Dubai, May 20 2011)
11. The Weight of the World (Vocal Up Mix)
12. She’s Got Nothing on (But the Radio) [Live in Rio de Janeiro, April 16 2011]
13. See Me (New Version)
14. It’s Possible (Version Two)
15. It Must Have Been Love (Night of the Proms, Rotterdam 2011)
16. Untitled (Bonus Track)

Updated: As Per Gessle reveales – the bonus track will be demo version of “Lover Lover Lover”.

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  1. I asked the question on the Facebook page the other day, and Roxette Official answered that the Bonus Track was likely to be a demo version of Hey Hey Hey

  2. Sorry got that mixed up. They said ‘the Tits & Ass demo of Lover Lover Lover’. Can post the link to the post later, when not on my phone only.

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