Photo shoot anyone? Get your pix here!

EMI Germany published six pictures from the Travelling photo session by Fredrik Etoall. Check them out!


You may view/save the full resolution photos if you open the pics in separate windows/tabs (right-click in lightbox) and delete the “_m” from the URLs. 😉

16 thoughts on “Photo shoot anyone? Get your pix here!”

  1. Some great shots in there! The stars and the protective couple! Seems like either Marie avoids direct camera view or it’s just the photo selection…

  2. Thank you, Sascha! It is a great find. I checked EMI Deutschland’s site when the single was released for radio airplay and digital download but than there were no new photos yet.

  3. It’s great that they don’t hide anymore and appear on covers again! There’s no need to hide, they have a great charisma!

    Yes, the “couple”-pic is amazing, they look like 35 again! 🙂

    And I guess it really is the first picture in their long career where an allusion is made that they could be a couple, where they play with this idea. I guess, normally they always have tried to avoide this impression deliberately, but now the young photographer seems to have convinced them to pose like this. Wow!

  4. No, they did this before. I think the “winter” pics from the CBB tour book go even further in that direction.

    • Is there any opportunity to view those CBB pictures somewhere?

      I remember a video of Dangerous in which P&M play as a couple next to the roulette board, but I can’t find it on youtube now.

      • No, it’s not Dangerous but Chances and it can be found in web page. One of the hottest videos in my taste, Marie’s winning the game (of course).

      • Sorry, I don’t know if it’s online anywhere. Maybe the Roxette Official’s photo gallery at Facebook. Marie and Per wear coats and pose really close.

  5. Sorry to be a bother but, I can’t for the life of me figure out hoiw to view the full size ones. I’ve tried removing the _m but nothing happens…

  6. Great pics, cover, promo. Looks that P & M & EMI takes Roxette seriously again. Charm School items was a crap. This new ones are great items, really proffesional. Nice moments for a fan.

  7. never mind…worked when i tried it again.

    I agree the “couple” pic is awesome

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