14 thoughts on “Exclusive pre-listening of the full TRAVELLING album!”

  1. First listening

    + It’s Possible 1, Touched By The Hand Of God, Lover Lover Lover, Excuse me, Sir
    – Turn Of The Tide, Angel Passing

    Have to say it sounds very retro and very live. With feeling of all Per’s solo albums in last 10 years (exc. Party Crasher). It seems that Roxette will never be same again after SOAP experience.

  2. Impressions on the new tracks:

    MYTJ, LLL, TBTHOG are the best Roxette songs in a looong time. I think Per has been keeping them up his sleeve…
    EWO is extremely SOAP-ish and sounds very much like I have a party in my head. Still a great song with a great mood.
    TOTT seems like a slightly improved version of Anyone…not that great.
    EMS is a weird one. Both lyrics and music 😛
    AP is just ok. Don’t like Per’s singing on this one.
    Finally, IP version 2 is definitely better than the single version

    Overall I think Travelling is *so much* better than Charm School which sounded overproduced to me. I hope the next Roxette album goes in this new direction.

  3. So I gave in and listened to the album one time yesterday night… Lovely!!

    It sounds warm, real and melodic. The retro 60s/70s vibe is all over the album so it fits well together. I guess people who expect typical Roxette might be pretty irritated, but this is the sound Per & Marie love from their hearts. Can’t judge the commercial appeal.

    I think while CS appears a bit cramped to recreate the classic Roxette, this sounds like fun and freedom for them. After many small-chorus songs on CS, they are back with big, surprising ones! Only negative point for me is a slight Per dominance but apart from that it’s a joy to listen! Even the “old” songs fit in well, actually better than the single. 😉

    Can’t rate the individual songs before listening more times.

  4. I really like the album. The 2nd version of “It’s possible” is much better than the 1st one. In my oppinion is the 1st version the weakest song of the whole album.
    “Lover,lover” and ” Excuse my sir, do you want me to check on your wife” I think, are the strongest”

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