So close to the Travelling album release, media reviews appear here and there. We’ll collect them in this article. While Roxette have never been the critics favourites, the reaction to their “different” sound this time could get interesting!

Sweden 3/6 “Gessle’s love of pop history shines through.” 3/5 “The point is that Roxette just sounds like a band, as a close-knit group of musicians. Not – as the dreary “Charm School” from last year – as a carefully calculated studio product.” 2/5 “Pretty nice and easy to digest 60s pop” 2/? “You know how it sounds. The strings and vocal gear, straddle powerpop with coiling Tom Petty Guitars and obese radio ballads. No band is in such a tight 90’s grip as Roxette. 3/6 “Fatigue appears after any long trip. After decades of traveling the world, Roxette have fallen into a state of melancholy reflection.” 3/5 “Travelling” is not as clear as a bell as the duo’s early works, no direct choruses in the same way, but I think it is enough to keep the old fans alive and find some new ones.” 2/5 | TT Spektra: 3/? “And just the new tracks are really interesting. … I hope it is just a taste of how it sounds when Roxette gather for an album with only new material.” 3/5 “Mainly in the beginning of “Travelling” Roxette and Per Gessle deliver a cheeky pop album, but dare not take it all the way.” 3/? “Travelling is a choo-choo train through pop landscape, a travel phrase book without too advanced phrases and a small propeller plane over previous jumbo-successes.” 3/5 (article only available for “plus” subscribers) 2/5 “Best track: Perfect Excuse” 3/? “Travelling is a dose harmonious and mature pop music that is surprisingly difficult to dislike. Compared with the rest of Roxette’s later work, it is a clear progress.” 3/? “There is a playfulness reminiscent of Roxette’s more adventurous, but commercially less successful interlude in the 1990s.”

Denmark 2/6 ” Roxette still traveling along the path they mapped out in the mid-eighties. But greatness is due.”

Germany No rating, but really positive! “On a successful journey. … In its diversity ‘Travelling’ reveals once more two sides of the same band – representative are the two versions of ‘It’s Possible’.” No rating, but positive verdict. “Roxette are still the same. Their ninth album, “Travelling” shows a certain maturity in addition to the recovered ease. … The band is aging with dignity, while the audience may still feel young.” No rating, but very positive! “With their ninth album “Travelling” the two Swedes prove that they are here to stay for a long time – and that pop is as versatile as a world tour.” | HR1 radio: No rating, album of the week. “Clear case, the Roxette concept since 1986 still attracts: Absolutely straight rock with small playful gimmicks in the background and absolute catchy melodies.” 2/5 “The few highlights show that Roxette have returned to good form. Better than “Charm School”, but never as good as in the 80s and 90s.” Very detailed and positive! “Roxette do harmless, catchy, beautiful pop songs on Travelling. Songs that sound grown up, but bear the teenager in the heart. Songs that jump between many reference points in the lexicon of pop music, and yet are unique Roxette.” Album of the week “Travelling is a fascinating musical greeting with 15 great songs.” No rating. “Roxette have once again served a great pop album, which is determined by enthusiasm and great melodies.”

Austria “”Travelling” is typical Roxette pop of the catchy sort, without the big earwigs that you could not ignore.”

Russia 3/5 “In general “Travelling” is quite good pop music, but not relevant in any way.” 5/5 “It has all chances to become a worthy continuation of Roxette’s discography.”

Norway 4/6 “Best when the energy level is turned down.”

Hungary 8/10 “It proved that even after 25 years they didn’t run out of inspiration. We hope that we can expect ideas for several more albums from them!”

Thanks for everyone contributing!