Listen to songs from Roxette’s new album – TRAVELLING

Here is a collection of some videos we found on YouTube with the new songs from Travelling.

The purpose of adding the links here is to spread the word about this brilliant new album, don’t forget to buy a copy on iTunes or Amazon or your store next door! You can also listen to the album in some countries on Spotify.

The videos might be gone soon, so just use your imagination to look for other options.

01. Me & You & Terry & Julie

02. Lover Lover Lover

03. Turn Of The Tide

04. Touched By The Hand Of God

06. It’s Possible (Version One)

07. Perfect Excuse

08. Excuse Me, Sir, Do You Want Me To Check On Your Wife?

16. Lover Lover Lover (demo)

Other songs (snippets)

18 thoughts on “Listen to songs from Roxette’s new album – TRAVELLING”

  1. I never thought I’d say this, but: Thank Goodness that the links don’t work in Germany! It’s very kind of you guys to collect the links for all fans to listen to the songs, but I don’t think it’s necessary since every fan checking RoxetteBlog or TDR will have heard / bought the CD by now. And for the occasional visitors, it seems like an invitation to download the whole album off YouTube. To be honest, I’d prefer seeing the songs disappear from YouTube, the snippets IMHO are enough to get a picture of the album. Everything else just spoils the sales.

    • Don’t agree with you, mr jefferson. Most of people – before buying the album, download it anyway. So maybe it’s better to listen to the album on youtube (where Roxette can in fact earn money on all those plays of songs) and probably some of them who will listen to album – will purchase legal copy.

      You could say the same about pictures from the booklet – why to publish photos – it will encourage people to illegal download. Nope, I think we have to be open what new technologies bring and hope people seeing how nice this album is, will get their own copy.

      And hey, it’s a blog. We publish photos, links and bootlegs. We don’t share illegal staff and we ALWAYS support official releases. I think this kind of attitude is fair.

    • I think defining, “Every fan checking RoxetteBlog or TDR will have heard / bought the CD by now,” is a little inaccurate to say the least, some countries have not got the same release date as Europe, some releases are today, some are next week… some like the UK have to wait until 02/04 which is 10 days away! For some reason iTunes had it down to be released on 26/03 but they have checked it now to 02/04 with no explanation as to why it has been put back.

      I am grateful to hear these songs via YouTube as I wait for my album to arrive from Amazon Germany, and no I won’t be buying a copy in the UK… why bother since I will always have it in a CD format from an overseas retailer, my guess is many other UK fans will do the same!

  2. That’s a fair point, Tomasz. Hope you’re right about people downloading and then buying the album. Apart from that – is it really true that Roxette can make money out of the plays their videos get on YouTube? Wouldn’t they have to have an official Roxette Channel or something for that? I always thought myvideo was the only site which credited the artists. Would be great if it was the way you said it, though.

    • Nobody needs to download the album from YT, that’s very naïve. The album is widely available by now, if you know where you have to look for it (that’s through direct download and P2P servers). I don’t think putting some songs in Youtube will cause any damage to sales…

    • In this case EMI Germany arranged a pre-listen with 5 days before the release, the quality wasn’t even bad and there were no ads or weird stuff in between… so the album was available for download one day later… I don’t think a few YT videos will do more harm than that!! I think it helps to promote the music if one posts them on FB, twitter and so on.

    • The artists get very low fees from Youtube, if at all. But the system has an automatic song detection that often leads to matching iTunes links under the video.

  3. Thanks for sharing these, as a long time fan it is nice to get a chance to listen on the European release date rather than wait another 10 days for the official UK release date!

  4. as a poor fan in China, I can’t even listen to Youtube, nor on itunes… but i will figure it out in other ways…

  5. Thanks for posting these (hope you don’t get into trouble). But then again I guess it’s no different to the German pre-listenings. And you can walk into any bookstore and read any book you pick up before you buy it, so….

    I’ve already ordered my CD and will get it in April…I can’t wait that long, so these are the perfect taste test hehe.

    Although I did have some self control and have only listened to the first four tracks (OMG how’d I manage that lol). Gotta save something for when I get the album 😉

  6. Hi there!
    As a very dedicated and long time Roxette-fan (since I was four and a half years old, back in 1989) I posted the above tracks on YouTube. Of course I already bought the album in iTunes. As a matter of fact, the songs used in the videos came right straight away from the iTunes store! 🙂
    I also bought the CD (which I received yesterday) and the LP. The reason I placed those fantastic songs on YouTube is to get and reach more fans all over the world, and you can read the comments as an example. Everybody loves the songs, and I am 100% sure that those people will buy the album! I did not placed those videos with the intention for the purpose of illegal downloads. I was surprised by the fact that Roxette Official (facebook) actually shared the link to my videos via Roxetteblog, so I might conclude that they think the same as I do. Can’t wait to see Per and Marie in Amsterdam! 😀

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