World Tour 2012: Singapore Audio Bootleg

If you don’t have enough of Roxette 2012 Live experiance, so it’s another chance. It’s the second audio bootleg available this spring (or autumn) – now from Singapore Indoor Stadium and recorded on March 6. The whole recording is available for both listen on YouTube and downloading (here or here)

4 thoughts on “World Tour 2012: Singapore Audio Bootleg”

  1. Thanks so much for this show is really good quality,I’m new on this blog and I’m a Roxette’s trader I’ve many live shows on cd or dvd and I found many shows here I haven’t!!!!Unfortunaly many link aren’t work yet so there’s a possibility to have a new add with all the live shows are around thanks so much


    paolo from Italy

  2. This bootleg is quite good!! is there a front cover art?. In the zip file the only one is the back cover art. hope you can manage to upload one, with pictures from that concert. Thank you!

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