Interview with Per Gessle on Swedish radio P4

Per Gessle was interviewed today in the Swedish Radio P4 show “P4 extra med Lotta Bromé”.

In the approximately 20 minute long interview Per explained about live on tour, about him being quite picky about certain things, playing with Barbies, “Travelling” and much more. You can listen to the interview – in Swedish of course – on SR’s website here.

Roxette Café has uploaded it on mp3. And Roxette.RO has done a short translation to English of the interview.

5 thoughts on “Interview with Per Gessle on Swedish radio P4”

  1. Hmm… did like the interview but didn’t really like the fact of Per being so understanding when it comes to firing employees after they’ve turned the toilet paper on the wrong side. Not exactly what you’d expect from a Son of a Plumber, is it?

  2. I think he was joking, and he meant it more like he understood that she got annoyed by the fact that the roll was on the wrong side.. not the firing…
    I also get annoyed if for certain things there is no order, this doesn’t mean that I would fire somebody, of course.

  3. Thanx everyone for the effort!!! Are we really surprised that Per wants everything in a certain way, that is, his way?;)

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