First look at the LP

The LP version of “Travelling” comes without any new pictures. Instead the pics are just bigger.

The demo of “Me & You & Terry & Julie” is rocky and doesn’t point that the final version would have slow verses and a fast chorus. The demo of “Touched by the hand of God” (called Charm school) is also acoustic – Per and an acoustic guitar.

The tracklist order is also different on the vinyl, beginning with side B (track 5 on the Cd) every following ‘track-couple’ is switched with each other, Easy Way Out with It’s Possible, EMSDYWMTCUYW with Perfect Excuse and See Me with It’s Possible (Version 02).

11 thoughts on “First look at the LP”

  1. @averon: Of course, it’s called “Charm School”, to me it already became “Touched by the hand of God”

  2. Actually there is one “new” picture on the LP!
    The colour one from the “hotelroom” or whatever it is… with Marie standing and Per looking at a record is slightly different to the one from the CD!

    so there you go 🙂

  3. Yesterday my Travelling-LP finally arrived.

    There is some funny mistake in pressing:

    Side D starts with “See me” followed by “It´s possible (version two)”. So the running order is inverted again, but it is printed wrong on cover and inlay.

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