“It’s Possible” video premiered in Germany and Austria as well

Roxette’s video to “It’s Possible” had its premiere this morning on Swedish TV4, even though only a few seconds were shown.
German/Austrian portal MyVideo premiered the video some hours later. The video can be watched here (works only from Germany or Austria)

Roxette — It’s Possible – MyVideo Österreich

For those having problems watching it, try to catch a working video at Youtube instead!


Update: According to Per, the videoclip was directed by David Nord.

9 thoughts on ““It’s Possible” video premiered in Germany and Austria as well”

  1. Joyride revisited! Funny, I like it. Better than SGNOBTR. But I’m affraid it is not attractive for the big audience.

  2. There is a little mistake on 1:04: the plane that is landing (or taking off) suddenly disappears when it crosses from from one window panel to another. Regarding the video, I have mixed feelings. Slightly better than SGNO, but there is little ‘real stuff’ here. About 90% of it is computer generated. At some point it looks like a video-game ad. And I don’t know if it’s my computer screen or what, but the picture looks too dark sometimes, and I can harly appreciate any details.

  3. I like it. I think its a pretty cool idea. Great way to promote travelling hehe.

    I agree with you Raëlian, there are some flaws, that plane disappearing is rather awkward (so’s Per’s piloting skills, I hope they don’t let him have the controls in the Roxjet hahaha).

    But they’re not enough to have any real impact on me. It’s still a nice new fresh looking video I could watch over and over.

  4. @ Dominick Abrams-Anderson try the youtube linkin the article …

    “For those having problems watching it, try to catch a working video at Youtube instead!”

    Then filter the youtube search results to clips added recently and you should find it.

  5. Great video! Beautiful, energetic! Yes, it’s Joyride revisited but funny as it is. 😀 I see they’re making little fun of their success in very positive minded way.

    Although I think it’s a little bit too corny to fly through the star ring (from european union flag).

  6. after FINALLY having seen the video I have to say that it’s great. Joyride revisited (as Miami has said) and it serves as a tie-in to the album. much better than SGNOBTR or STM (though I am a fan of the Way Out video)

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