Official US tour press release – Roxette to play in New York, Boston, San Francisco & Los Angeles

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., April 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/

Three years after their 2009 comeback, Swedish pop phenomenon Roxette are hotter than they’ve been since their early ’90s heyday. Roxette’s world tour is in full swing with almost one million concert tickets sold since the tour kicked off a year ago at the Tatneft Arena in Russian Kazan. On top of that, another million Roxette records have been added to the already dizzying 70 million they’ve sold over the years.

So far the band has played more than 85 shows in more than 30 countries (and the trip continues—they don’t plan to rest until they’ve played 150 shows). But besides zigzagging between airports, arenas, hotels and meeting with fans from all over the world, the band also has found time to record their new album, Travelling, to be released digitally in the U.S. on June 5 by Capitol/EMI.

The idea has been to tap into all the positive energy that has boosted the band during this dazzling trip, and channel it into new Roxette music. In short, an album that, just like 1992’s Tourism, captures the feeling of a band on a roll—constantly on the move, snatching inspiration as they go; recording in hotel rooms, studios, at soundchecks and in concert.

The result is a fascinating musical postcard with 15 superb songs, most of which are new, some that are revisited classics and others being pearls that for various reasons haven’t seen the light of day before. A tight and inspired band has gathered around a batch of Gessle tunes, where the relentless hit-maker again and again proves that his sense of melody and ability to surprise is still top-notch.

“It’s Possible” is the first taster from Travelling – 2 minutes and 34 seconds of sunny pop music that shows one of Roxette’s many sides in 2012. There’s more to come.

Listen to “It’s Possible”
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Sept 2
New York – Beacon Theatre
TICKETS (from USD 42.90 to USD 148.05 – fees included).

Sept 3
Boston – Orpheum Theatre
TICKETS (from USD 47.30 to USD 67.80 – fees included).

Sept 14
San Francisco – The Nob Hill Theatre
TICKETS (from USD 58 to USD 112 – fees included).

Sept 15
Los Angeles – Gibson Amphitheatre
TICKETS (from USD 25 to USD 89.75 – fees included).

Check the “TICKETS” links for more information about sale start, ticket prices and categories.

Thanks to Dondi Hom for sharing this news.

10 thoughts on “Official US tour press release – Roxette to play in New York, Boston, San Francisco & Los Angeles”

  1. Thanks for posting this. I wish they would release the dates for the whole US leg at once so we know which one we want and can be on it as soon as they go on sale to get the best seats possible…what if I buy a ticket for clear across the country, and then one opens up near me? This is a nail-biter.

    • Couldn’t agree more! In fact, they need to release the whole North American schedule because Canada is as much a possibility for me as any other US dates. I imagine the same could be true for Canadians as well.

  2. And what’s up with the big break between the east coast and the west coast?? Are they taking a vacation, or will there be more dates in between?

  3. Wow… There does seem to be a big gap between the Boston and LA dates. Obviously, they’ll probably add more inbetween……BUT…….it would be great if Live Nation or Roxette could possibly list ALL the tour dates so we can plan accordingly to purchase tickets or airline/train tickets.
    I’d hate to spend hundreds on transportation then have them select a city closer to me. We’re a BIG country 3000 miles wide. It would be a huge plus for us fans if we could get the complete list of cities so we can attend a show or two. PLEASE HELP!

  4. I would like to remind you all the Australian case where only one concert was announced. When it was sold out – single concerts were organized in 4 more cities. Then second shows in those cities and even third one for Sydney. And in Australia – all Roxette album were released and even promoted in a way…

    As for US – both Roxette’s managment and Live Nation want to see how big interest will be. I’m sure that more is to be announced if those 4 concert sell up quickly. There is still around 10 more gigs that should be in the schedule, if you belive Per G. saying that they will do around 140-150 gigs in the end.

  5. I think they might be really underestimating US. I know there’s gonna be more than 6000 fans on the east coast and more than 10000 on the west coast. These are major cities with large populations. Filling 3000-6000 seats will be easy. We love the classic pop/rock acts and their track record of (4) #1’s & (2) #2 hit records will prove that. Its just too big of a risk for US fans not to shoot for one of these cities to see them in. Why chance it??? I’m pretty sure everyone will be surprised by our enthusiasm.

  6. What I want to know is if Roxette will play ONLY Toronto, or will they do Montreal or Ottawa. If not I’ll do Toronto, I LOVE Molson and hope the tickets go on sale soon, and hope they are not too $$$$.

    • Don’t know at this point. I assume there should be at least 2 cities in Canada as Rox was always more popular in Canada than in the US.

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