“Travelling” to be released digitally in US in June

We have had this piece of news “hidden” in the other article about the US tour dates, but I think it’s worth mentioning it in addition: “Travelling” will be released digitally in the United States on June 5th.

“The idea has been to tap into all the positive energy that has boosted the band during this dazzling trip, and channel it into new Roxette music,” says EMI/Capitol a news release.

“In short, an album that, just like 1992’s ‘Tourism,’ captures the feeling of a band on a roll — constantly on the move, snatching inspiration as they go; recording in hotel rooms, studios, at sound-checks and in concert. The result is a fascinating musical postcard with 15 superb songs, most of which are new, some that are revisited classics and others being pearls that for various reasons haven’t seen the light of day before.”