Canada: win a pair of front row tickets and a meet&greet with Roxette

If you are Canadian or heading for one of seven Roxette shows in the country, so we strongly recommend you to visit Canada Live Nation Facebook pages (for instance Live Nation Western Canada) where presale starts tomorrow, April 19. Additionally you have a chance to win front row tickets and meet & greet with Roxette. You cannot miss such opportunity, can you?


Thanks to Celestte for letting us know.

9 thoughts on “Canada: win a pair of front row tickets and a meet&greet with Roxette”

    • There is “Roxette presale” tab on the LN page. Go there and you will see all those details. Good luck with tomorrow’s presale 🙂

  1. I am pleasantly surprise that Live Nation is promoting the heck out of these shows! Now I only pray that I can manage to gain entry to one of the meet-and-greets as I have never met them before 😮

  2. I don’t know how it is in other countries but I always find buying tickets through Ticketmaster Canada very nerve racking. There are always a gazillion different pre-sales with different blocks of seats saved for each of them….it’s never a sure bet which way to go. Plus of course scalpers on top of that and the fact that Canadian shows are usually reserved seating everywhere (except for shows geared towards younger bands.) It seems in other countries General Admission in front of the stage is more common. oh well, I’m sure I will have a great time wherever I end up…but I’m so nervous! :p I won’t sleep much tonight 🙂

    • Not really, in Poland – Live Nation’s tickets are sold via website, I don’t recall any presales really. There is just one time when the sale starts. And fortunately we still like to stand on most of the concerts, not sit as it would be classical music 🙂

    • I didn’t know the Québécois would go that far. They even have their exclusive promoter. LOL!

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