Sleeping in my (Roxette) show… a live DVD would be great!

Per Gessle replied on Facebook regarding the DVD topic – thanks for taking the time to answer!

Personally I think this is a brilliant idea. You get a shorter version for TV + a longer version for the DVD market. The long one will have at least 60-70 min live stuff. It’s splendido to mix up live performances w/ funny stuff from backstage + studio + hotels + airports + private areas. Otherwise you’ll fall asleep. But that’s me.

Fall asleep? We thought it would be interesting to know how many would really fall asleep with a full live DVD 🙂

We think the DVD could have the fun stuff as an extra bonus at the end or even mixed in between, but still, a full concert with all the songs which were played during the tour… pretty please…

Really, we just want to say that this Roxette live really deserves a live DVD. They are THAT good! This tour has been great, and what is still to come, a full live DVD would simply capture all this. All songs have something fun or deep or special. And there is nothing like a full concert live DVD to capture all this energy, happiness, positive feeling, power of this fantastic tour which started as a small-medium one and has grown and grown to an extent I think nobody expected. A live DVD would be a great testimony for this. If not now, when?

Thanks for reading.
Would you fall asleep watching a live DVD of Roxette? 🙂

Note that if you are for the full live DVD, you should vote the option which starts with “no”

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Besides voting, you may want to leave your comment about how you feel about this, about the tour, what the tour, the 2 albums etc have meant or mean to you. Be kind and constructive!

22 thoughts on “Sleeping in my (Roxette) show… a live DVD would be great!”

  1. C’mon folks, you can’t be serious! To ask this way is simply not fair! Don’t put pressure on them, their music is a GIFT they give to us and not an obligation!

    Yes, it would be great to have the full concert and it would be even better to have also all the previous tours on DVD at last!

    But on the other hand Per is right: To watch a full show on DVD with songs you all know by heart CAN be boring, I wouldn’t watch it very often. But if there’s stuff in between that mirrors the atmosphere of the tour, it can be more diversified & entertaining. And 60 – 70 minutes live recordings is very much, there are only 20 minutes left out.

    • it’s of course a bit of humour – I think a bit of fun doesn’t hurt anybody. Pressure? I doubt we change Per’s/their minds anyway.. unfortunately 🙂

      I personally think it would be a big missed chance. Roxette rocks live and a docu with parts of a concert is simply not going to show what this great band is able to do live.

      I don’t know what is boring about watching a full live DVD; I have seen GT and Marie live stuff many times, and the bootlegs that are available online too.. and it’s for the memory – to be able to look back as well.

  2. Of course we deserve a DVD. It is time Roxette start giving some credit to their fans, at least in Argentina. We seem to be forgotten in the last wagon of the train.

  3. C’mon guys!, there are full concerts available on DVD/BR from all kind of other artists! Madonna has them. U2 has them. Britney Spears has them, the list is endless!. Do their fans think they are boring??? mmm, dissapointed here :/

    • I’ll take it a step further — for me, the non-stop, daily Facebook/Twitter videos, comments and interview links have been a living, breathing documentary of the tour and Roxette rebirth in general. I guess I’m wondering what else is there left to say?

      Don’t get me wrong — I’m thrilled to buy ANYTHING P&M&Co decide to release — but I truly never have understood, and suppose I never will understand, the stubborn refusal to record a proper live concert for posterity. ESPECIALLY with this band, when so many of the songs have evolved so much from their original productions.

  4. Haa..finally something useful to vote again! Haha!! 😀 Funny idea Judith!! Where are my pills….

  5. I am on Per’s side this time. I only sit in front of the TV to watch a whole concert on DVD right after purchase. I hardly watch the whole thing again – I prefer jumping to one favourite to another. But I like the idea of a road-movie mixed with some live stuff, that’s a lot more interesting. I widely agree with the first post by Jolentis…

  6. A live concert on BLU RAY, or all of the tours on HD Blu RAy would be awesome, other artists release them, and Roxette have music video DVDs, so where is the live releases!


  7. Of course I would like a live DVD…. But Most of All, I Wanna see ROXETTE in M E X I C O………. Please I want to see you Live Again! Love U

  8. Fully agree with Judith: Not we deserve it – Roxette deserves it!

    I think a DVD/BD with a. concert b. tour documentation with live songs in between would suit everyone. 🙂

  9. I posted this on Facebook and thought I’d re-post it here:

    Why bother with just 60-70 mins. Why not just add the rest of the concert so we can have the full thing. It’s what we all want, a complete record of probably the most memorable/special concert all of us have ever been too. Can’t you do that for the fans? The documentary will be awesome (I can’t wait for that) but the live DVD in full will mean even more to so many of us. Ideally, I’d like a two disc release with the concert on one and the doco on the other. That why the concert wont be interrupted with interviews/bts stuff (like GoE was). If its a matter of cost vs return, I’m sure that there are enough of us fans who’d buy it and then some, look how many people came to see you in Australia, I’m sure a heap of those people would like a momento…….Hopefully this decision is not set in stone.

  10. and then maybe one day we will get a live DVD/BD Box set hahahaha (but my fingers are crossed just in case!)

  11. Sorry – shame on me – I had to choose the option starting with “Yes…” in the vote 🙁 which I only did because I wanted to emphasize that I agree 100% with Per’s opinion: “It’s splendid to mix up live performances w/ funny stuff from backstage + studio + hotels + airports + private areas.” Okay, 2 B honest, I would never fall asleep watching a DVD that shows only live footage (and I never fell asleep at any of their concerts as well), but anyway a mix of live and backstage stuff was always and will always be way more interesting, amazing, breathtaking, in one word: awesome! On the other hand if there was at least a realistic chance to be able to buy a live DVD (the sooner the better) I wouldn’t complain and take everything: 100% live or not 🙂

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