English language Roxette book on the way?

We were informed by several different sources that Sven Lindström, author of Per Gessle’s Swedish language biography released in 2007 called “Att vara Per Gessle” (To be Per Gessle) and co-host of Nordic Rox show on Sirius XM, was seen during Roxette’s Argentinian tour in Neuquen. It seems like this is the news many international fans waited for a very long time – rumour has it that he is currently writting an English language Roxette book.

Let’s keep fingers crossed for this to happen!

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  1. In Córdoba (Argentina), he ate breakfast with Marie, then, when all the people went out, they stayed talking. It looked like if they were doing an interview.

  2. That’s great! About time. I think Marie’s life story would even make a great book for a wide audience apart from fans. Or a movie!

  3. Si, though a lot about Marie was said in “Att vara Per Gessle”. I still think she deserves her own biography in Swedish. The same size as Gessle’s.

    And well, there has to be something true about it as PG didn’t post this article on Roxette Official page 🙂

  4. We had the chance to have a conversation with Sven and he said he’s currently working in a project similar to Att Vara but for Roxette. He interviewed many fans for this project. He also said he though about writing an english version of “Att Vara Per Gessle” but for some reasons he couldn’t do it. He’s been in all the cities in Argentina and Chile. He might be still traveling with Roxette.

  5. Problem with “Att vara Per Gessle” is the language. Not everyone speaks Swedish. And I remember that it was actually planned as a Roxette book in the beginning, so it’s only fair now. Roxette has appeal to a much bigger audience than Per Gessle. Agree that Marie deserves her own Swedish bio as well. But most of us won’t be able to read that too. Thanks for the info honky_tonk, looking forward! 😀

    • Well, it took me three years to learn basics of Swedish, so I can understand confusion among those fans who don’t speak Swedish as “Att vara Per Gessle” is really amazing publication. Hope this project will see its happy end!

  6. How bizarre….no dvd but a book. Ok I suppose I would be happy with a proper bio on Roxette with MANY unpublished pictures and interesting stories and insight from both Per and Marie, (not just Per) & the rest of the band as well. At this stage I am not really optimistic after the colossal let down of the live dvd project.

  7. Greetings…finally after 1year reading made an account. I do have a biography on Marie Fredriksson on my site. I cannit share direct link co roxetteblog always stucks my pc when it attempts to download the background ao using through cell doesnt give me idea how to copy paste links.
    The address to my site is http://coolbluez.t15.org
    go to the books review section and click Ebooks..there you can download Marie Fredriksson book probably on number four

  8. @coolbluez thank you for sharing that nice biography. What I would really love to read is an autobiography that Marie herself writes, like Per did. But I won’t mind at all if the Roxette book materializes after all. 🙂

  9. Most welcome. Yes if Marie contributes something by herself or writes herself it would be best. Coming from a non-Swedish speaking country, I could not get the book written on Per. This was the only one book I could find on life of Marie and it contains lot details about her family life, her childhood, her relations, coming to music business and how she survived tough times.

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