Gessle reveals: “DVD before Xmas (hopefully)”

After our two calls for a full DVD show and Gessle’s unsatisfactory answer (here and there), we were informed by The Man on Facebook when we can expect this “imperfectly perfect” DVD to be released. It seems like it can be out just in time for Christmas shopping.

According to various fan sources production company starts the cutting in summer and if everything goes right, the DVD will be ready for sale in November. They have already more then 300 hours filmed material! Unfortunately, we will be able to see just 90 minutes of this. As for recording the show – no concert was shot professionally in the quality allowing to be released for DVD purposes. The production team used handcameras only – the same as they did in Berlin or Hamburg last year.

13 thoughts on “Gessle reveals: “DVD before Xmas (hopefully)””

  1. And WHY did they use hand cameras only??

    They could release LS-live, LiveISM and CrashBoomLive on DVD in a package instead – at least.

    It’s a shame there won’t be a concert DVD of this great (and prob. last) world tour. 🙁

    Do we really have to be satisfied with YouTube-clips with bad audio and video quality? Sad. And stupid.

  2. Agrre with RealSugar that it’s shame to use only hand-cameras. It wouldn’t be real Pro-Shot job 🙁

    Why they couldnt release one DVD with full concert – something like Gessle Over Europe but without this doc. interferences. :/ Gessle tour was wery small but has Live CD & Live DVD!?!?!
    Roxette Tour is one of the biggest in last time but possible will have only excerpts of Live shows from hand cameras…..

    I never liked is mixing documentaries with concerts – all in all nether would be good to watch. Plese someday for full Live Show with Docs only as extras not together.

  3. I think everyone is in agreement on this Roxette Live DVD dilemma. I would just like to know the REAL reason for abandoning this project. Maybe Roxette Blog could use their contacts at The Daily Roxette to find out for the fans??

    • Heidi, I’m not sure if we are able to change anything and to get to know THE REAL reasons. In Poland we always say “If you don’t understand what all is about, it’s all about money”. Probably Rox & co decided it’s not profitable to do professional shooting of the concerts in South America. I was also learnt that some venues requested money for professional filming, so maybe they didn’t want to pay this fee. It’s really hard to say who made this decision – the same as was with Room Service tour from which we have only poor quality internet broadcast from Stocholm.

      Per promised that we will have around 70-80 min. of music on the DVD. So I assume we will get 90min documentary + 80min concert done in various places and shot from different angles.

    • It is a pitty that after years of waiting we won’t see this live dvd/blu-ray happen. First of all, I’m still impressive but as I said before, there must be a strong reason, maybe Tomasz is right.

      A small company released a dvd called “Live in Zurich”, with very poor quality but a good price. When I went to buy it, I found out that the dvd was out of stock because of the huge demand. “It is because Roxette is coming in a few weeks and their album is out soon” said the salesman when I asked him about this. Ok, let’s be honest, people are not desesperate to buy Rox stuff but Roxette still has a strong and loyable fan base who still support them. And a live dvd wouldn’t hurt anyone.

      Regarding opportunities, they had plenty of interesting gigs to shoot: Prague, Sydney, London, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Santiago… most of them were sold out with an audience around 15.000, not too bad..

      I guess the next question is: If they’re planning to release just a documentary… how will this see the light? Just this documentary won’t sell on its own. Could it be a live cd?… but they already did it with the Charm School deluxe version. A book? Another Greatest Hits package? Travelling Revisited?

  4. Why not make a double dvd if there are so many video’s filmed. they made a double releas greatest hits cd..And we have enough of those. I think Roxette really should spent more time and money in good DVD’s. They should release a DVD box with old stuff and new and i’m not talking about all the video clips they did but backstage and studio footage and good quality concerts.
    Every fan would love that, i’m sure of that.

    More good quality dvd’s and less greatest hits and video’s please.

  5. @ Tomasz: By the way, is The Daily Roxette still working? The last article is more than a month old!

    Maybe two fan-sites are too much and it would be better to have one decent site?

    Both sites do a great job and I enjoy reading them! But The Daily Roxette is a bit “behind” at the moment. 🙂

  6. I think the main reason why they didnt record a complete show is that they didnt want to take risks. Everybody knows that Marie has recovered very well and the shows are wonderful. But it`s also true that sometimes she forgets the lyrics. In the last shows we all read things like “not performed due to Marie’s voice problems” in Quto, in Lima it was obvious that she had a sore throat too. So I think it was too risky to record ONLY ONE show. I like the idea of the best performances in many cities is better.

    • No one said we want ONE Show only! It could be mix of various places, best performances (even better than one becouse of various setlists!) – but shot Professionally :/ Not some handy cams, and without any documentary interferences – only show!

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