Russia: Roxette have written “a special song” for Oriflame

Last September we revealed that Roxette are set to play at Globen in Stockholm this summer (August 2012) on the special anniversary corporate event organized by the Swedish company Oriflame. In the beginning of May this year it turned out that Russian edition of “Travelling” does not include the very first international single “It’s possible” in both versions.

You may ask how those two things go together? Well, it turns out that Russian chapter of Oriflame claims that Roxette have written a special song for them. What’s its name? Yes, you’re right – “It’s possible”! In the end of May the 9th edition of the Oriflame magazine will be released together with a special bonus CD – including 11 Roxette hits and a new track called “It’s possible”. At this point we only know this will be released in Russia and will cost 99 rubles (ca USD 3.5). The artwork for both the cover and CD discs is shown above this text.

The tracklist for the album:
01. It’s Possible
02. It must have been love (Live in St. Petersburg)
03. Wish I could fly
04. How do you do! (Live in Stavanger)
05. Dangerous (Live in Stavanger)
06. Reveal (Attic Remix)
07. Speak to me (Bassflow Remake)
08. Dressed for success (Live in St. Petersburg)
09. Sleeping in my car (Live in Stavanger)
10. Real Sugar
11. Milk and Toast and Honey
12. Listen to your heart (Live in St. Petersburg)

Thanks to Evgeny Perekopskiy for sharing this news.

4 thoughts on “Russia: Roxette have written “a special song” for Oriflame”

  1. Roxette have written a very special song ONLY for Oriflame and it’s called… IT’S POSSIBLE!!! :)))) I had a good laugh on this, thank you, roxetteblog! 🙂

    By the way, I don’t like them to do those corporate gigs, they deserve better. To me corporate gigs always seem to be a bit “cheap” as if they sold out their precious music…

    I want them to play in front of real fans who give them love and affection and who can’t be fooled with “new songs”… ;)))

  2. It’s a little bit of shame that Russians fans were fooled with incomplete Travelling…. :/ Where they can find Version Two?

    But all in all there is one good thing from this CD – it’s “It must have been love (Live in St. Petersburg)” in CD-quality – all previous versions were lossy mp3 or acc files 😉

    I hope they “repair” audio quality in Live version from St. Petersburg where is very annoying high freq. sound!! :0

  3. “It must have been love” isn’t included on the iTunes charm School Bonus version? My version sounds ok, as good as the rest of the live tracks

    • Of course it’s included in iTunes version of CS, but in lossy format. On CD it should be in lossless.

      If you asking about quality – most of St. Petersburg tracks (not only IMHBL) have this horrible high freq. sound (peak) – especially annoying at the beginning of LTYH….. bad mastering/mixing job 🙁

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