“Touched By The Hand Of God” – the second single off TRAVELLING (Update)

Radio Berlin in its chart show “Hey Music” has recently added Roxette’s “Touched By The Hand Of God” to the voting list. We have no information if this is the second single off TRAVELLING or just a pick from radio’s dj.

Update Per Gessle has confirmed on Facebook that this is the second single

Yep, looks like TBTHOG will be the 2nd single off Travelling! A wise choice do you think?

12 thoughts on ““Touched By The Hand Of God” – the second single off TRAVELLING (Update)”

  1. At least It’s Possible, Touched and Lover Lover Lover have bigger hit potential than any other uptempo song on Charm School except Radio. Touched is great song, but Lover have something really special, it’s an timeless tune that Roxette did in the early 90’s.

  2. I would have preferred LLL but it’s okay. Too few Marie, too much Helena IMHO. Several German stations have picked it up already. Hoping for b-sides!

  3. I love this song from the very first listening!! Without Per’s “oooh-ooooh” at the beginning and in the middle it would be perfect.

    And yes, a lot of Helena but that’s cool and it makes Rox sound fresh!

    We have to face it – New Roxette songs (which will be played live) will only have one or two sentences sung by Marie for known reasons. There won’t be a new “SIMC” in the future I’m afraid.

    LLL get’s a bit boring after the 3rd listen IMHO

  4. Good choice.

    But I had also a discussion lately with another fan about the fact that it’s very much Helena singing on “Travelling”. In TBTHOG, the end should have been sung by Marie, not by Helena. And in “Angel Passing” Marie isn’t singing at all, it’s completely Helena singing in the background! (Correct me if my ears fool me, but I don’t hear Marie in the song.)

    Do they really think we don’t hear the difference between Marie and Helena? 😉

  5. For me, it’s Per’s ohoh and Helena’s vocals that made the song for me… but Marie should have gotten more space on TBTHOTG, especially in the end, that’s for sure
    I don’t have a problem with Helena singing, she’s a great backing vocalist, and Marie definitely IS on Angel Passing, there is a video where you can see both of them (Heleena and Marie) making vocals for AP

  6. I think the end of TBTHOG sounds a bit like the song was fading out and a girl keeps on singing along. IMHO you shouldn’t hear specific voices in background choirs. Would have preferred a choir like on the Almost Unreal ending.

    Marie definitely sings background (50/50 mix with Helena) on AP. I just always skip the song because I’m already fed up with too much Per by then on the album… 😛

  7. Yes, there’s too much Per but the same goes for Tourism. I like his singing but Marie is the queen! 🙂

    I don’t think its’s really important whether a new Rox single has a hit potential, because it will never become a hit thanx to complete lack of promotion

  8. I love touched by the hand of God and it doesn’t make much difference since Marie is singing there and she is adding the beauty to it. I hope the video is good, if Roxette is all about re-re-repeating, then I hope that the video is like Fireworks.

    Travelling would sound more interesting if you reshuffle the tracklist
    1. It’s possible (1 version)
    2. Turn of the tide
    3. Touched by hand of God
    4. Lover lover lover
    5. Perfect excuse
    6. Me, you, Terry n Julie
    7. Easy way out
    8. It must have been love
    9. It’s possible (2 version)
    10. Excuse me sir
    11. Angel passing
    12. Stars live
    13. See me
    14. Radio
    15. Weight of the world

  9. OK, you are right, in “Angel Passing” Helena AND Marie are singing in the background, I also remember the video. But I can’t help myself, I only hear Helena.

    Well it’s a pity that Marie sings so little nowadays, but on the other hand without her powerful voice, TBTHOG wouldn’t be such a hit! She has the ability to make a song different, even if she just sings one or two verses. She can give meaning to simple lyrics, this is one of her many qualities and the reason why Roxette is still successful! 🙂

  10. And people nothing isn’t impossible now for Marie. I remember when it was told that some of the older vocals will be reused for Travelling, a lot of fans started writing that it’s coz Marie can’t sing the same way. Now I read that Marie can’t sing songs like Sleeping in my car again, people what do you think about Stars version of travelling? She has sang it live in sound check in Dubai, vocals are all fine and rocking as ever. And with the technology nowadays, it is not impossible to record few verses at a time and then combine them instead of singing the whole song in a day or two…so I don’t agree much with people criticizing at Marie

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