Long and touching article about Roxette on DN

This is an article you cannot miss to read!

If you don’t speak Swedish, try using Google Translator. It’s really worth the reading. And have a tissue at hand, for the tears.

The reporter met Roxette in South America and writes about the tour, Marie’s story, Marie and Mikael, how Per and Marie met, Roxette’s past and present and fans. With comments from the band members, Marie Dimberg and Mikael.



3 thoughts on “Long and touching article about Roxette on DN”

  1. Yeah, the article is truly amazing and touching!! Loved every line of it!! I think a certain German fan from the front row is very happy now to have made it into the article… wow! Congratulations! 🙂

  2. I wonder if someone could make a small translation of the best parts of the article…The results from Google translator are pretty awful…

  3. Well the part I felt very sad was related to Marie, how she felt alone and how therapy made her into a person whom her neighbors couldn’t identify….but glad she made through all the tough times

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