The world’s worst airport?

Some may remember the Saturday comments made by Per Gessle on the Roxette’s official Facebook page (here) about the quality of service on the Johannebsurg’s OR Tambo Airport:

Just spent 90 minutes at one of the world’s worst airports; Johannesburg. Could actually be the No 1 on that scary list….Good God, how about some organization with customs etc? Leaving now. Thank you.

We love South Africa. You know that! But someone should fix the logistix at Jo-burg Airport. A job for BoJo maybe?

South African Times’ Live picked up this discussion and talked with the airport’s spokeperson – Unathi Batyashe-Filli. She said security footage showed that there were long queues at the emigration checkpoint when Roxette were leaving.

Emigration [and immigration] services are provided by the Department of Home Affairs and, though Airports Company SA provides the infrastructure, we are not able to answer questions regarding problems at emigration.

It also turned out that over the last years service at the airport improved a lot. More on that case at

4 thoughts on “The world’s worst airport?”

  1. Yeah I think all of this is just taken out of context. Per should not have made that statement. You need to have patience at airports. It took me almost two hours last year just to get through Gatwick, London airport. So this is not that unusual. Ok but that’s over now let’s give it a rest and move on.

  2. I don’t really see the point of all that fuss which has been made about Per’s comment. He was making a personal, and therefore subjective, remark about an AIRPORT, based on his very own experience. He was not talking about South Africa in general or about the people living there. I can’t understand why people would get so offended about a comment like that. Calm down, guys.

  3. It’s a bit mean that Marie is shown above the article on Timelive, but it’s been Per who has made the comment. At least she probably won’t have heard about all the trouble, because she never uses internet. 🙂

    For the rest: I was also very suprised about the strong reaction. It was just Per’s personal opinion and he has the right to express it. It’s not fair to presume because of this that he wouldn’t like SA, because everybody knows that he loves being there, he has written it so many times before on FB!

  4. OMG. So many childish posts. If there’s somebody not satisfied with fishshop in my city, does it means he hate my country, me and also my cat? Good God.

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