21 thoughts on ““Touched By The Hand Of God” – cover of the promo single”

  1. Don’t like the art work of the Travelling stuff- not classy at all. 🙁 Cheap ( +unprofessional ) look. And weren’t there any better photos from this shooting?????

  2. Honestly? There was no quality Roxette studio session since… 2002? There was a lot concert photos, but still would love to see some photoshoots with idea behind them. It seems there is no such will in rox camp.

  3. I agree, this is a very poor choice for a single. No creativity at all. What is up with this Mr Gessle?

    • I OBVIOUSLY don’t meant the single is poor!! The single is great!!! The artwork for the single cover is what I meant here. 🙂

  4. I actualy love this song since ady one. And to be completely honest, I could not care less for the pictures and the art, I’m completely crazy about the fact that Roxette is back…

  5. The only thing I hate about the choices Per is doing, is that he refused to make a live dvd of this tour… the crowed has never been better, happier or more excited

  6. How about revisiting that great shot from Look Sharp in the Rolls Royce again? The last two CD covers were not immediately recognizable as clearly Roxette and perhaps this might be a great way to gauge how the public will react to a fresh feel CD cover with Marie and Per instead? There’s too much of a 90’s grunge feel to Travelling and Charm School’s covers. But the music still kixx! Aj

  7. Come on, what’s wrong with Travelling photosession? I like the booklet and the back side of CD very much, finally some decent photos after the dissapoitment regarding Charm School…
    But this single cover is terrible. I like these pics in the booklet, but…

  8. The photo is not the best, I agree. But we got no better photos from this 2012 session, after all. The design is kinda nice, I like it. Charm School singles were far worse, specially Way Out. That blue silhouette in the front was totally meaningless, lame artwork at its best.

    • By the way, promo single only? Let’s hope a commercial single will be out too. Still no tracklist or release date?

      • Well, as we know no release date and it was only published on German radio station’s website, so it’s clear to me that at this point it’s only a promo. And additionally Per didn’t know anything about the cover, so it makes me even more convinced to what I’ve written.

    • Of course, comparing T to CS – T is far nicer and better. CS was the cheapest they could do. I don’t really expect them to spend millions of $$$ on art director for every CD they make, but sorry, Per, the last nice thing (graphicly) you’ve done was EHM session. Marie’s the last photoshoot with an idea behind was 2006’s MBV. The rest was… well, not very in my taste.

  9. I think the artwork is fine, but if you are going to highlight a section of a song’s lyrics as part of the artwork of a single cover, then just make sure you highlight lyrics from the right song!

  10. Is it really just a question of money to make some concept photo session (Joyride, CBB, Room Service)? Is it really just a question of money to come up with a clever and stylish album and singles sleeves idea. Every second fan can make better cover and for free, just to be proud he can do it for his/her favourite band.
    What I like for every Rox album is concept idea and collection of pics made during one photo session. Every album is simply remembered and recognizable. Remember singles from HAND or RS. One concept, one style. HAND covers were terrible, but RS were just perfect. The same with CBB covers. I like last single cover, but they should removed that Per’s sentence. It looks idiotic, they simply make copy – past the picture from booklet, moreover it’s sentence from completely different song. Good God!
    The same with videoclips. Per can pay Anton Corbijn from his own wallet for his swedish solo album, but EMI is not able to pay decent video for band touring the whole globe for almost 2 years. Something’s wrong. Really wrong.

    • Agree 100%!!!

      I saw on facebook some very cool fan-made art work (unfortunately fake) sometime ago. Rox should hire him/her!

      It makes a difference if a designer is a fan of the “product” or if it is just a job with no meaning for him!?

      • Let’s face it. Who on Earth buys physical singles these days? Nobody does, only die-hard fans. Talking about the CBB era, that was a different matter. Now everything is digital and single sleeves do not count anymore. I understand, then, the lack of interest/effort at making attractive covers. If the album and the first single sold poorly, I don’t think the 2nd single will hit the charts either.

        And Roxette is selling out most of their concerts thanks to their back catalogue. It’s not only about promotion: people is only interested in their biggest hits from the past. They don’t care about Travelling, Touched by the hand of God, whatever.

  11. This is what happens when you depend on a lousy record company. And Roxette are depending on a DYING, lousy record company at that….

    Record companies exist for promotion and distribution. If they do neither, what’s the point? Roxette hasn’t had decent promotion for YEARS now and the internet has almost entirely obsoleted traditional distribution methods.

    It’s the same, tired, old, worn-out question Rox fans have been asking for nearly 2 decades now: just what the hell is Roxette getting out of its relationship with the record company? They put nothing in and Roxette gets nothing out.

    I’d love Per to share his views on where Roxette fits into today’s record industry. He’s hinted to his frustrations in recent interviews–most recently, the great interview on The Daily Roxette which includes his musings about single choices, radio A-lists and more.

    So, my question is: why play the game anymore? Why depend on these dinosaurs and then complain about the lack of support? Why not seek out modern ways to self-promote and self-distribute? Is it a case of old dogs not wanting to learn new tricks? Or is there something else keeping him beholden to these useless bastards?

    I mean no disrespect with these comments and questions. I’m legitimately curious.

    • Couldn’t agree more. What more to say? Studio owned by band member = album, digital camera plus some Apple clicks = video, social networks plus some radio/magazine emails = promo, music web sellers = sales. You can sell whathewer you want it it has quility: music, videos, scanned booklets, etc. Why the hell artists need record companies in 2012? Just to get 15% from CD price? It’s time to let dinosaurs die. Artists have to make first step.

      • Physical or digital, label or self-distribution, it’s the same: they don’t make money by selling records anymore. They make most of their profit when touring. I guess that’s the reason they put more effort in touring that in selling/promoting records. That’s how the business works these days, and they know it.

  12. Heard it today the first time on the radio!! Thought that it must me my cd player. Sounded like the radio host liked it.


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