There was a time when you recorded LP albums. Each side was about 20 minutes long to maximise the sound quality. Our ”Joyride” album was so jam-packed with material that we just had to omit a few pearls that we really loved.

One of them was “The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye”, which instead was used as a B-side on the “Spending My Time” single (yes, they had B-sides back then…). We’ve been regretting this for twenty years now, and when we did the “Travelling” album, which was recorded during our 19 month World Tour, the idea popped up to give “The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye” a new and well-deserved chance.

Would there be a way to brush off the dust and rejuvenate this overlooked gem into the current world? There certainly would. We gave it to Peter “Bassflow” Boström, who was unable to make the tight “Travelling” deadline since he was busy writing and producing Loreen’s Eurovision Song Contest Winner “Euphoria”. But now, in time for the summer season, he’s done.

And what a piece of work it is. Absolutely brilliant. We love it! Now more than ever…

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Source: EMI Newsletter

Update: The song appears to be already released on iTunes in several countries!