“The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye” prelisten and release!

There was a time when you recorded LP albums. Each side was about 20 minutes long to maximise the sound quality. Our ”Joyride” album was so jam-packed with material that we just had to omit a few pearls that we really loved.

One of them was “The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye”, which instead was used as a B-side on the “Spending My Time” single (yes, they had B-sides back then…). We’ve been regretting this for twenty years now, and when we did the “Travelling” album, which was recorded during our 19 month World Tour, the idea popped up to give “The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye” a new and well-deserved chance.

Would there be a way to brush off the dust and rejuvenate this overlooked gem into the current world? There certainly would. We gave it to Peter “Bassflow” Boström, who was unable to make the tight “Travelling” deadline since he was busy writing and producing Loreen’s Eurovision Song Contest Winner “Euphoria”. But now, in time for the summer season, he’s done.

And what a piece of work it is. Absolutely brilliant. We love it! Now more than ever…

Go to Roxette Facebook page and check the site between 1-3pm CET today!

Source: EMI Newsletter

Update: The song appears to be already released on iTunes in several countries!

15 thoughts on ““The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye” prelisten and release!”

  1. It’s already out as an iTunes single! What a surprise, can’t wait to hear it tonight! 😀

  2. What a nice surprise! Wonderful! Love it! I don’t have itunes, but I’ve listend to it on youtube. I’m sure there will be another way to buy it sooner or later. Great!

  3. hmm sorry but i don’t like this version, i prefer the original, but of course is a big surprise and i’m happy for that 😉

  4. Yea, I love synth music, especialy Depeche Mode. So you’ll not be surprised if I say that I have new favourite Roxette song. This is pure masterpiece to my ears. What a perfect remake. Fresh, powerfull, strong, atmospheric. This is what I call to understand the interpret you’re mixing. I have a completely serious question to mr. Gessle, Offwerman and Lundquist. – “What about to invite Peter to colaborate on next album final mix?” – He did good work with Speak 2 Me, but this song sounds so f*****g fresh, yet so Roxettish, so overproduced, yet so straight, so electronic yet so dramatic. Per wrote his best ballad back in 1990 and now after more than 20 years Bassflow transformed it into dark synth pop hymn. There’s no better remix/remake to any other Roxette songs during all their pop history. This song has been always my favourite one, but now it got another level of perfection. Have no words. Awesome!

    • Sorry, but I am on the opposite side. I find this ‘remake’ totally overproduced and lifeless. This guy scrapped the best part of the song: the piano intro/bridge. In addition TSH, TSG is not supposed to be a powerful hymn, but a poignant, melancholic ballad. That’s the message behind the lyrics. Now Marie’s vocals are hidden behind a wall of noise that doesn’t make any justice to the song, I barely hear her voice. It’s like the vocals do not fit the tempo of the music, it sounds weird. “Speak to Me” is a different (maybe ‘more modern’) kind of ballad, more suitable for a remix than this. And this track *do not match* the style of the Travelling album, it would have been totally out of place there. Nothing against this guy if he wants to remix other Roxette tracks. But I don’t like the idea of him having a say in the final mix of a *possible* next album. I don’t want Roxette to turn into Loreen/Robyn/Kylie/whoever.

      • I can agree with your piano bridge complaining, I miss it too. But with rest I disagree from my point of view. But that’s normal. I’ve heard remake for some 100 times till now. I played the original version then and now it sounds like a demo to me. Believe me it’s my all time favourite Rox song, but this new production fits me much more. But as I wrote, I like this kind of dark, cold, synthesizer music with wall of noise. The power of this song is obvious, you can transform it into 10 remakes and still there’ll be someone who will love it. Just check the FB comments. And yes, Travelling is completely different cup of tea, like Roxette meets Tom Petty or George Harrison. This one is Roxette meets Depeche Mode.

  5. Fantastic remix and the cover is really cool.
    I don’t think I will like it more than the original, one reason is the missing essential piano part.

    The ultimate remake would be, if recorded by the actual Roxette band – like the ultimate Stars version. 😉

  6. I LOVE IT!!

    I didn’t like the original because of the piano-melody (!) which I think made the whole song uncool. But thank Gold (or Bassflow) the piano is gone now, the sound is awesome and I can’t stop listening to this track!

    • sry: Thank God, not “Gold” … isn’t there a correction functiion on RXB? Should be.

  7. Great version, love it! I do like the original as well but this one sounds fresh & current 2012. Bassflow fits Roxette well

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