Gyllene Tider new album and tour next year?

Per Gessle tells in an interview with Expressen that he now wants to write in Swedish again and the best way to do it is with Gyllene Tider. This means new album and tour with Gyllene Tider, “maybe next year,” tells Per to Expressen.

He also comments that there will be more of this “new” Roxette (current Roxette set-up), even though he doesn’t mention when.

See you in Sweden (probably) next year!

Update: Per clarifies:

Hold your horses!!!!! Guess this reporter jumped the gun a bit. No decisions made that I know of. Sorry to disappoint.

2 thoughts on “Gyllene Tider new album and tour next year?”

  1. I thought Per would do this as he told us last year in SA that he wants to do something with GT in the near future! Awesome news I reckon. We all know he cannot relax and take it easy. “NEW ROXETTE” news MAKES ME HAPPY!! Bring it on!!

  2. I’m no big GT fan but that album/tour project won’t eat more than a few months anyway. I’m happy as long there’s some Roxette from time to time!

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