Romania gets ready for Roxette’s visit with interviews

Here are links to some interviews published today in Romanian websites and newspapers:

MagicFM (Romanian, use google translator) (English)

Most important from both is that he confirms there will be “more touring, more recording, more smiles!“, that they will “start again pretty soon. With the feedback we’re getting from Planet Earth, how can we ever stop?“. He doesn’t confirm with whom the touring and recording will be though 🙂

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  1. Roxette has had such an overwhelming response from fans around the world during 2011 & 2012 that they MUST realise that people are ‘hungry’ for their music. Yes one will always get the critics that has something to say about Marie’s mobility or opinions about cheesy music or that they are vintage in appearance, BUT the bottom line is that Roxette sells out arenas wherever they go. I’m just realising that with 10 concerts, 90 000 people alone saw them live in my native country of South Africa over not even 24 months!! Millions of people would not have attended the concerts over the last 24 months, worldwide if Roxette were not the real deal in the music sense of the word. I and I’m sure many Roxers around the globe look forward to the ‘new’ Roxette’s bright future! Indeed how can Roxette ever stop!? 🙂

  2. HELLO PER AND MARIE!! I’m Lucas, from Argentina, i’m 19 years old, and i’m a big big big fan! I just wanna say thank you very much, you are my inspiration. Mari, you are my hero, you are a angel! I love you so much, and maybe you don´t have idea about what do you mean for us, all your fans. Per, you are one of the most incredible musician ever, i absolutly love your songs over the years. I saw your shows here in 2011 and 2012, and that’s moments are the most importants in my life, watching Marie on stage again, singing perfectly, dancing, enjoying life, trying to do her best, and Per, always smiling, singing, taking care about Marie. That’s is Roxette, a band, a group of friends playing together, a party on stage ! THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR MUSIC, AND GOD BLESS YOU,

  3. Im sitting in front of the computer in the middle of the night not knowing what i feel. Strangely feels like time takes me back, 15-20 years ago when i was teenager and i discovered Roxettes songs, when i found myself in their music, lyrics. At that time i would have died to see them live, to hear those songs that put me to sleep everynight, that made me smile or gave me strenght, …but today, im just a few hours away from that moment, and i regeret, in a way, that i didnt live it then, that i didnt had the chance. I know i changed so much, but yet their music feel the same even today when i listen, even if im a grown woman with a family, it still has the power to take me back an bring back feelings, shivers, i had then, Strange… I wonder how will i feel in that crowd living something i yearn to live 15 years ago, a teenager in love, or a woman i turned to be… One thing is sure Roxettes music is still deep in my heard and mind, and sometimes they become lullabies i sing for my son :). So i know they r still the best, quality, perfection, professionals, can never go wrong.

  4. Well said HEIDI. Even re-posted by Per himself!

    The fact that Roxette can still sell out arena’s despite not being current is just a testament to their talent. Especially in places like Australia, ~90,000 tickets over 10 concerts and they were all but forgotten by mainstream radio. The ticket sales really do show there is demand for Roxette.

    Can’t wait for whatever else they have planned in the future. Rox on!!

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