We got update from Per Gessle himself:

Nah, tomorrow will be around 15000 ppl. But hey, that’s a lot of Rox-heads!!!!!! It’s gonna be a gas!

…and yet another comment

just heard almost 20000 tcts sold….

…and one more…

Landed in Cluj, Hey, it’s proper summertime here! We like that! Hi to everyone waiting at the airport + the hotel, sorry – no signing or pix this late. See y’all tomorrow. Looks like it’s gonna be big bigger biggest. 20-25000????

According to various sources the Cluj-Napoca stadium is ready for 30,000 people during the Roxette’s concert on Thursday, July 19. The ticket sale is good with Golden Circle tickets being sold out for few weeks now. It will be the second Roxette concert ever in Romania and it will be probably one the biggest crowds Roxette have had on this 2011-2012 tour. Will it beat last year’s Copenhagen concert at Tivoli?

Here below you can see the Roxette stage being built.

Source: Instagram