8 thoughts on “Fan made remix of “Touched By The Hand Of God””

  1. only slightly off topic but is there any news about further single release from Travelling? Both LLL and TBTHOG were mentioned a while ago…have these just been dropped now?

    • Nothing is known. Probably nothing is happening and nothing will happen. Consider T-album as a flop in terms of sale and no promotion. This won’t change with this tour coming to the end.

      • I hope TBTHOG will be released after all, I loved the single cover! I guess it was delayed after the remix of TSH, TSG popped-up. In my opinion it made more sense releasing another single from Travelling than a remix/remake that is not included there and has nothing to do with the current Roxette album…

  2. Totally off-topic – When is the blue vinyl of THE SWEET HELLO, THE SAD GOODBYE coming out???

    • Try leaving a message in YouTube and ask the person who uploaded it there. Her name is Alicia Morales (from Chile, I think).

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