“The sweet hello…” vinyl to be released on August 22

Swedish retail shop Bengans.se is going to release the vinyl of “The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye” on August 22. There will be 4 songs – 2 news remixes, 1 old version we all know as well as… the very “new” Tits&Ass demo!

The price is SEK 79. You can order the vinyl here.

Thanks to Daniel Kühn for sharing this news.

2 thoughts on ““The sweet hello…” vinyl to be released on August 22”

  1. GREAT!!! Just ordered myself 2 singles!! Strange – I was just asking about this release earlier this morning…Bengans must have read my mind….haha

  2. Don’t forget Bengans charges 145 kr for shipping to every order sent out of the Nordic countries. That’s very expensive, as shipping for one CD is 50-60 kr, usually. In addition, don’t expect a quick answer if you mail them. I will wait until I can get it from another supplier, I’m not in a rush.

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