Gessle for Aftonbladet: we must decide what to do with Roxette

While Roxette was in New York, Per Gessle met Per Bjurman, journalist of Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet. Gessle hasn’t revealed anything new, but there are some facts that we should take into consideration thinking about Roxette and Gyllene Tider’s future. Those are the most interesting quotes from him.

The tour has been the world’s weirdest rehab, Marie’s in a top form again. What we’ll do in the future depends on how she reacts for not playing.

It is a bit special with the US. Knowing how much radio airplay we still get over here, we should’ve sold out Madison Square Garden, but like twenty years ago, we play in a theater. People here recognize the songs very well, but not us as artists. They are constantly singing at our gigs.

We’ve talked about it [Gyllene Tider’s reunion] every year since 2009 and yes, we are “on speaking terms”. We have been there all the time, we just think differently.

But nothing is set, so I cannot confirm it. First we must decide what to do with this band [Roxette]. Above all, it is all about Marie. This tour has been the world’s weirdest rehab she’s started and the question is how it affects her to take two years off. Maybe it’s better for her that we continue to play, I do not know. These are difficult questions.

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  1. Even with a break, it is likely that Marie will have renewed energy to work on solo material again. She looks so happy now I can’t imagine that she is just going to sit around the house doing nothing 🙂 Of course, after almost two years on the road I am sure she will take some time to enjoy time at home with family

  2. I always prefered Roxette material, but this time I think that little break with new Gyllene Tider and Marie Fredriksson albums in 2013 can recharge both Per even Marie with new ideas for next Rox album in 2015. And also I really miss Marie’s dark songs. If GT music is described as a music of summer, than Marie’s Den standiga resan or I en tid som var is music of autumn, at least to me.

    • Marie’s latest stuff was nothing to compare with DSR or even IETSV. Unfortuantely, she also moved to those ‘happy-go-lucky’ songs that are nothing but not very interesting after a while. “The Change” was decent, but due to the heavy emotion it was analysing. I do expect – if Marie decides to release an album in Swedish next year, she would go on a theatre tour where Per G. would be replace by Mikael B. on keyborads.

      I’m not sure really about GT reunion… i think it’s a little bit too early and people are really fed up with Gessle’s projects in Sweden. He has done so much and even GT’s magic might not help (hope i am wrong).

      • I agree with you about this mood change, but still hoping for some dark ballads from Marie. I know she didn’t wrote that song, but for eample her last album single Ordet är farväl is this kind of dark mood song that fits her perfectly with her autumnal melancholy voice.

  3. Marie looked wonderful at the NYC show – she sounded wonderful too. I’m sure a break is best for now – but hopefully in 2013 new things will emerge for Marie, Per and at some point later Roxette.

    Marie & Per – Thank you again for the excellent show in NYC… After 20 years of waiting, a dream came true for me (finally seeing Roxette in concert).

  4. I don’t think the international break will takes its toll on Marie that badly. Not after 2 years on the road like this. If Per refers to how long it took for her to get to top form I think MF won’t just lose this overnight. I must admit I do admire how concert-fit the entire band is!

    • If Marie continue doing some concerts on the smaller scale, so she can be more than ever prepared for any another take off with Roxette.

      My guess is that Roxette will do several shows next year anyway. Just to keep in form. They don’t have to have a ‘proper tour’ to tour. Many artists with so good back catalogue tour when they have an offer, not when they announce tour.

  5. No break – continue with Roxette. GT is boring! I just think Per should take some time to write some desent lyrics that actually goes somewhere. I think Crash! Boom! Bang! were the last album where Per actually took time to write lyrics. Lately his songs have become too light-weight and meaningless, but still catchy! They should keep Roxetting!! Marie’s vocals are not 100% yet, but it’s getting better and better…. Keep Roxetting, guys. Marie can take it!

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