Mexican fans getting ready for a spectacular closure of the Roxette tour

Mexican fans in their Facebook group collected a lot of different photos of people, banners, their amazing collections as it is only 12 days to the last stop during this so-many-different-names-Neverending-Charm-School-Travelling-Back-with-the-greatest-hits-no-name World Tour that Roxette have started 20 months ago.

The last (?) concert will take place in Mexico City on Wednesday, September 19 and we are confident this should be a spectacular, out-of-this-world experience. We also do hope that both parties – Roxette and Mexican will make this night to remember!

Caroline Wiltz contributed to the article

3 thoughts on “Mexican fans getting ready for a spectacular closure of the Roxette tour”

  1. I’ve been a longtime fan of ROX and i’m very excited to have the opportunity to see them live.
    Me and my wife are ready to travel 400+ kms to attend the concert in Mexico.
    See you there!!!!

    • Is there any chance, if you guys are going to Mexico from the USA, that you would consider picking up a tour book and I could pay you plus all shipping (before you sent it, of course)? I went to the concert in NYC (AMAZING, btw) but didn’t get to get one and I am so disappointed. (I don’t know why I didn’t think of this any sooner, and I don’t know anyone that is going to Mexico, and I feel kind of crazy even asking, but anything’s possible!) And I feel like this is my last chance to try, and who could I ask but a fellow fan? I know this is last minute, and a longshot, but I thought it doesnt hurt to ask! I am on facebook (Cathy Chlebina), if there’s a chance you could, I’d be forever grateful, but if not, no problem. And have fun at the concert!

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