Per Gessle has been interviewed by recently, just before Roxette’s very first gig in LA. Here’s the most interesting quote regarding the song recorded for “Travelling” album.

There’s a song on the new album called “Excuse Me, Sir, Do You Want Me To Check On Your Wife.” What’s that about?
You tell me. [Laughs] I wrote that song because it was something someone said to me in a London nightclub.

What was your response?
“No, she’s doing fine.” [Laughs] That’s always been the way I write. I pick up things people say and write it down. When the time comes to write songs, I look through what I have and let my imagination run wild. Writing songs is very much like putting a puzzle together. You use things that have happened to you and things that haven’t happened to you.

Per also did a phoner with 89.3 KPCC radio station – here‘s the brief summary of that talk.

Patrícia Peres contributed to the article