“Lover Lover Lover” next radio single?

As German radio station “RPR1.” reports, Roxette are back with their new single “Lover Lover Lover”. Yesterday the song had it’s airplay premiere at the channel. Let’s hope for solid airplay!

Source: rpr1.de

Thanks to Tina E. for the info!

13 thoughts on ““Lover Lover Lover” next radio single?”

  1. The song gets played at German radio station “Antenne Brandenburg”, too. They played it almost everyday over the last few days. 🙂

  2. Hmmmmm not my cup of tea.
    Touched by the hand of god is a better song IMO and would need much more promotion and a little polished remake!
    Marie always had a good taste (eg Joyride as first single) and TBTHOG was her fav on the album – why didn’t they give TBTHOG a try as 1st single? Would have done better than “IP” IMO.
    But without promotion no Rox song (however good it is) can become a radio hit anymore. I still believe without the “Wetten Dass..?” show SGNOBTR wouldn’t have done so well too. Maybe Rox should do some TV shows after their tour? And I would prefere Touched by the hand of god over Lover Lover Lover which bores me after the 2nd listening. Dont know why.
    Finally the Sweet Hello-cover design was kinda decent but what’s this now? Again average. Looks like “German Schlager”

  3. RealSugar, that cover was done by me, just for fun – even before I heard the song. 😉

    TBTHOG never did it for me. Sounds too forced uptempo, outdated, too repetitive chorus (esp Marie’s line), too much Helena (wtf?).

    LLL in contrast sounds like a really round, with a summary, interesting (sax and stuff), driving sound. Can listen to it over and over! If my ears are right, this is a perfect fit for radio.

  4. Oh sorry, didn’t know that.

    Well then, lets hope for radio airplay anyway (no matter if it’s my cup of tea or not)


  5. LLL is a great song,the best from Travelling,Exelent for my car,and for radio.Sascha(Sasa-in my lunguage) great cover,looking good.

  6. Have to agree with Sascha, I love both songs (finaly something longer than 3:00 mins with choruses, bridges, arranges), but to me Lover Lover Lover sounds more rocky and less bubblegum. Can imagine it can do well in the radios.
    Does it mean that TBTHOG will not be released as a single? It’s half a year since It’s Possible, they refused to release second single, then released 20 years old remake (perfect but without any video), now it looks that LLL will be only promo release. What’s wrong with music business nowadays? Almost every low sales metal band have videos for their singles.

  7. I really like this track…but I think it needs a radio mix to make it more poppy. I’ve been playing with it…increased the tempo but still needs something (IMO).

  8. Love the home-made cover, btw!! REally great song! I love it!! It’s been getting airplay in South Africa for quite a while, but now chart entry whatsoever….

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