Gessle to release two… wines!

In the latest Swedish Kanal 5’s “Breaking News” show it was announced Per Gessle has released two types of wines under the line “THE PER GESSLE SELECTION” – one called “Furet” (part of Halmstad where he grew up) and second “Kurt & Lisa” (Gessle’s parents).

Here below you can see how those two wines look like. At this point it is unknown where you can purchase them or how good they taste – the show’s wine expert gave them five “suns”, though.

Update: As written on and the wines will be cost 249 SEK (Kurt & Lisa) and 149 SEK (Furet) and will be available at Systembolaget upon request. The wines were offered as “house wines” at Hotel Tylösand but “they turned out so amazing I wanted to have a go on the commercial market as well,” tells Per to TDR.  More wines will be added to the selection yearly.

5 thoughts on “Gessle to release two… wines!”

  1. And again we have the picture of the little Per in yellow pijamas from the Jag borde förstås vetat bättre single cover! 🙂 cool, I would like to taste these wines very much! 🙂

  2. In my opinion, this is totally silly… I don’t think a wine connoisseur could take this seriously. Specially the labels.

  3. I bet the next additions to the collection will be “Drinking with Mother” (rosé) and “Son of a Drunkard” (red) 😛

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