In the latest Swedish Kanal 5’s “Breaking News” show it was announced Per Gessle has released two types of wines under the line “THE PER GESSLE SELECTION” – one called “Furet” (part of Halmstad where he grew up) and second “Kurt & Lisa” (Gessle’s parents).

Here below you can see how those two wines look like. At this point it is unknown where you can purchase them or how good they taste – the show’s wine expert gave them five “suns”, though.

Update: As written on and the wines will be cost 249 SEK (Kurt & Lisa) and 149 SEK (Furet) and will be available at Systembolaget upon request. The wines were offered as “house wines” at Hotel Tylösand but “they turned out so amazing I wanted to have a go on the commercial market as well,” tells Per to TDR.  More wines will be added to the selection yearly.