World Tour 2012: Posters – UPDATED

We have gathered few posters from the World Tour 2012 – if you have anything more to add to this thread, please mail us at

Here are 4 posters we miss our in our little collection:

10.05 Sao Paulo, Brazil
12.05 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

17.08 Bodo, Norway

14.09 The Nob Hill Theatre, San Francisco, USA

Thanks to Stevko Petkovic, Live Nation Australia & New Zealand, Roxette South Africa Facebook page, Sarah Plunkett, Fabio Deluca,, Yohanes Jeconiah, Fernando Leonel Kuz, Alison Lowther, Roxette en Paraguay Facebook page, Arnaldo Mariano Suarez, Renni Dewiyanti, Jana Gunther, William Garcia, Roxette en Rosario, Roxette Latinoamerica, Alejandro A. Venturini Romão, Andy Tigg, Benke, Celestte, François Auclair, Kerstin Koch, Caroline Wiltz, Maria Klimesch, Remco Verhaaf, Lana Sachse

7 thoughts on “World Tour 2012: Posters – UPDATED”

  1. The new layout (Tapei, Cape Town, Amsterdam) is definately an improvement. I like 🙂

  2. That’s right, Dominick.

    The old live picture from Russia was not good at all. Marie looked weird (and her ear looks strange photoshoped) and Per looked like an old unattractive woman. The new photo is cool and the layout is better.

  3. Did you get the flyer of the Kaiserslautern concert I sent you? I know, it’s no poster but better than nothing… 😉

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